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"Ceramics Today"
  By: Jeffrey B. Snyder, editor

Ceramics Today is the latest reference on contemporary ceramics and contains a stunning collection of innovative and diverse ceramic art. Over 120 artists from around the globe share the inspiring influences that drive them year after year to create art using clay, accompanied by 464 striking colour photos from small objects for use and ornamentation to large-scale sculpture. The artists are presented in alphabetical order and include three New Zealanders, Nicola Dench and Cate Pates from Wellington and Nadja Engelbrecht from Invercargill. What sets this book apart from many other books on ceramics is the inclusion of artist's statements. The reader is given a deeper understanding of why some people make art, reflecting the interests, concerns, values and the aesthetics of people around the world just as it has done dating back into antiquity. Some artists have included information and discussions on working methods for individual pieces making this a useful resource for ceramic artists. The book is a beautiful pictorial reference that will become prized by ceramic art collectors, dealers, galleries and artists alike.

The book can be ordered from Capital Books, 110 Featherston Street Wellington, email or direct from the publisher Schiffer Books.

Date Entered: 05-May-2013