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"Potters Beware"
  By: Rosemary Perry
In 1986, Life Member Rosemary Perry became concerned at the numbers of emerging potters who seemed to have little knowledge of the dangers of our craft. So she researched and published Potters Beware, an account of the hazards which potters and their customers may be subject to.
Reviewing Potters Beware for Claynews in 1996, Howard Williams wrote This is an excellent booklet - it could save your life or prevent unnecessary exposure to materials ultimately injurious to your health or the health of those working close to you, studying under you or living close to you – or even those who buy your pots! At the very reasonable price of $12, it would seem irresponsible of any potter not to own and be fully acquainted with this booklet.

NZ Potters sold its last copies some time ago and when we received requests for copies recently, Council suggested scanning a copy to make it available once more. When I rang Rosemary to ask her permission, as copyright holder, she said she had discovered a box of nearly three hundred copies when she was packing up the contents of her quaked house to make room for the builders. Rosemary has generously donated these copies to NZ Potters for sale, but asks that a dollar from each sale be donated to Canterbury Potters.

Copies may be obtained from the Administrator for $14, postage included within New Zealand. Thank you Rosemary.
Potters Beware
Date Entered: 31-Aug-2020