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Student Competition
Ceramics NZ - Student Competition 2007
Ceramics NZ Online Competition for Tertiary Ceramics Students
Premier Ward

Renee Boyd
Merit Awards

Fiona Tunnicliffe

Nicola Dench

Robyn Lloyd

Introduction and Acknowledgements

This student on-line exhibition gives viewers an insight into the work produced by students studying Clay in New Zealand.   With Otago Polytechnic classes now established all over New Zealand and students studying clay at the Learning Connexion, Wellington, we now have a path for people to learn more about Clay.

Ceramics NZ support the development of a strong community of clay workers and for this years exhibition enlisted the help of Janet DeBoos from Australia.    Janet has a huge amount of experience working with students and assessing their work.   Ceramics NZ would like to thank Janet for the valuable insight she has given to each student by writing them a personal assessment.   Janet has also selected 1 Premier Award and 3 Merit Awards.

I would like to thank the sponsors of the awards Webb’s Newmarket along with Ceramics NZ and the Firing Squad who have donated the prizes.

I would also like to thank Hugh Prosser who has co-ordinated this exhibition.

Janet Smith

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This year's judge

Janet DeBoos from the Canberra School of Art at ANU, Australia.    Janet has a huge amount of experience working with students and assessing their work.

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