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Student Competition
Ceramics NZ - Student Competition 2015
Ceramics NZ Online Competition for Tertiary Students
The Ceramics NZ is pleased to announce the following winners in the 2015 inaugural competion.

Thank you to our judges who have given their time to considering a potential Premier Award winner and to all members who have made the effort to vote for the Members Choice Award.

Thanks also to the Canterbury/Westland members of Ceramics NZ who donated the Premier and Merit Award prizes and to the anonymous person who donated the Members Choice prize.

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Premier Award Winner

& Members Choice Award Winner

Kate Burchett
Otago Polytechnic
Merit Award
Susan Collins

Otago Polytechnic
Merit Award
Yasmin Franzmayr - Davis

Otago Polytechnic
Merit Award
Nicolette Brodnax

Otago Polytechnic
Merit Award
Sylvia Sinel

Otago Polytechnic
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