Clean Water 2017

This consultation has closed.

About the consultation

The Government consulted on proposals to improve the management of our lakes, rivers and other waterbodies. The proposals were part of the Clean Water package 2017.

The proposals were:

  • amendments to the National Policy Statement for Freshwater Management 2014
  • keeping stock out of waterways.

Consultation document

Read the consultation document on the proposals.

Initial submissions closed at 5.00pm on Friday 28 April 2017. Consultation is open for further submissions from water quality scientists, and others with an interest on swimmability related to the gradings outlined in the NIWA technical background report for MfE "Clean Water" Swimmability Proposals for Rivers.

Swimming categories for E. coli in the Clean Water package

We accepted additional submissions on the proposed national swimming targets and related amendments to the Freshwater NPS until 5:00pm on 25 May 2017.

Summary of submissions and the Minister for the Environment's decisions

See Summary of submission and the Minister's decisions

Publishing and releasing submissions

All or part of any written submission (including names of submitters) may be published on the Ministry for the Environment’s website Unless you clearly specify otherwise in your submission, the Ministry will consider that you have consented to website posting of both your submission and your name. 

Contents of submissions may be released to the public under the Official Information Act 1982 following requests to the Ministry for the Environment (including via email). Please advise if you have any objection to the release of any information contained in a submission and, in particular, which part(s) you consider should be withheld, together with the reason(s) for withholding the information. We will take into account all such objections when responding to requests for copies of, and information on, submissions to this document under the Official Information Act.

The Privacy Act 1993 applies certain principles about the collection, use and disclosure of information about individuals by various agencies, including the Ministry for the Environment. It governs access by individuals to information about themselves held by agencies. Any personal information you supply to the Ministry in the course of making a submission will be used by the Ministry only in relation to the matters covered by this document. Please clearly indicate in your submission if you do not wish your name to be included in any summary of submissions that the Ministry may publish. The Ministry will not release other personal information (email address, phone numbers, or postal address).

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