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My poetry, my gift to a wonderful 150 year old City
On the 4 February 1958 a Civic reception was held in Hamilton for HRH the Queen Mother.
Hamilton Scottish Country Dance Society's contribution to the Pageant, held 9th - 10th December, 1978, at Rugby Park, Hamilton.
This annual ball was celebrated at Hamilton Girls High School Hall on Saturday 27 September 1986.
A Gathering and Tea Dance was held at the St Andrews Church Centre on 28th April 2001, and the Anniversary Ball on 29th September 2001.
In 2001 Civic Awards were presented to Phillip & Joan Battersby, Mrs Jean Beverly, Mrs Florence Blincoe, Mr David Alexander Buick, Mrs Muriel Churchill, Mrs Mabel Edwards, Mr Stephen Hine,
In 2002 Civic Awards were presented to Mrs Beryl Blewett, Mr David Bowden, Mrs Margaret Cartner, Mr Patrick Gregan, Mr John Guy, Mr Timoti Harris, Mr David Hoskin, Mr Ian
In 2003 Civic Awards were presented to Mrs Nancy Anderson, Mrs Doreen Bailey, Mr Ross Bedwell, Mr Peter Jack Bishop, Mrs Valerie Dawn Brown, Mr George & Mrs Ere Ford,
In 2004 Civic Awards were presented to Mr Abdirizak Abdi, Mrs Bev Allen, Mrs Margaret Arthur, Mr John Bailey, Mr Frederick Copeman, Ms Imelda Corby, Mrs Margaret Galloway, Mrs Margaret
In 2005 Civic Awards were presented to Janet Aldridge, Gerald Bailey, Judy Chandler, Sabrina Ju-lien Chang Cheng, Valerie Emett, Pauline Goudswaard, John Dickson Hunt, Penelope Judson, Tonga Maioha Kelly, David
In 2006 Civic Awards were presented to Simon Acarapi, Maurice Boswell, Robin Cuff, Dorothy Jeans, Des Meads, Barbara Redfern, Alwyn Seeley, John Gordon Thorn, Joan M Travaglia, Michael W Tuck,
In 2007 Civic Awards were presented to Eric Byron, William Barry Hopkins, Noeline Jefferies, Donald Lowry, Rosalie McGowan, Cecilie Anne McShane, Beryl Tremayne, Patricia and David Waugh, and Dean Carey
In 2008 Civic Awards were presented to Brian L. Anderson, Graeme Henry, Paul John Kane, Dudley Lorimer, Seddon Polglase, Murray Savage, Sonja van Vliet, Barry Were, Trilby Joan Williams (Joan),
Greetings from the NZ-ROK Friendship Society. We are a Charitable Society based in Hamilton which aims to foster and nurture friendships and cultural understanding between Korean and non-Korean peoples living
In 2009 Civic Awards were presented to Rae Cowie, Ismail Gamadid, Rei Hagan, Mary Hayes, Simon Marriott, Ellaby Martin, Gwen Nichols, Betty Pettigrew, Kees Poortman, Maureen Soanes, Gladys Stephens, William
The HSCDS annual tea dance was held on 25th September 2010 at the Matangi Hall. It was a evening full of fun and beautiful dancing to Scottish music.
In 2010 Civic Awards were presented to Sayeeda Bano, David Campbell, David Croucher, Christine East, Michael Easther, Gillian Gorrick, Margaret Holroyd, Kathy Moody, Paul Mitchell, Tureiti Moxon, Tom Purcell, Nancy
The 32nd Solomon Island celebration at YWCA hall in Hamilton on the 10th July 2010
Pam Godfrey has belonged to the Hamilton Scottish Country Dance Society since 1974, and has been tutoring for the club since the early 1990's.
In 2012 Civic Awards were presented to Robert (Bob) Anderson, Francis Charleton, Bruce Clarke, Lillian Kershaw, Avis Leeson, Vicki Signal, Catherine Smith, Melis Van der Sluis, on 14 December 2012
Waimarie Community House has been open since the end of 2001.
Past exhibition, from November 8, 2008 onwards.
Welcome to this page and thank you for visiting. Here I intend to put down some brief notes of my experience of life in Hamilton.
This is the summer holiday programme held by Hamilton City Libraries for kids aged 5 – 12.
Abbotsford Street was named in 1864 (Crown Grant), but there is no documentary evidence to indicate who or what it was named after.
Aberdeen Drive was named in 1971 by the Goodall family after Aberdeen, Scotland.
This street was named after Aberfoyle, Scotland in 1956.
A description of the overall Kete Project.
Memories of Hamilton is a unique Kete cherishing the history of  Hamilton, New Zealand through the stories of  its unique people. It is trying to capture that  part of our
Celebrating our History together 25th Anniversary - New Zealand Russian (Waikato) Friendship Society      Presents : Classical Music Concert Opera arias, piano, violin, cello compositions from the Golden Age of
The Netherlands Society Waikato started in 1968.
The Sri Lanka Friendship Society promotes fellowship between Sri Lankans and New Zealanders, and gives opportunities for Sri Lankans in Hamilton and the Waikato to meet socially.
We are a Hamilton-based non-profit organization.  Our primary purpose is to nurture, educate, promote and celebrate the creative and artistic side of Kiwi-Filipinos who will contribute positively to New Zealand
Welcome to our Centre
Name of the Organisation: Hamilton Solomon Islands Community. Goal: To promote unity, harmony and social well being of all community members.
Jambo Cup started in September 2007 in Hamilton.  The purpose of the event is to empower the promotion of cultural diversity "gather the Waikato community" through the provision of Ethnic
Welcome to the Congolese community of Waikato It's based in Hamilton. Cocowa was formed in February 2004 by the Congolese refugees and migrants living in Waikato region. The Democratic Republic
Hamilton Malayalee Association Inc.Profile Kerala, one of the smallest states in the Republic Of India was formed in 1956. People from Kerala are called Malayalees. Kerala is listed in the
Educate, nurture, cultivate, promote, enrich, discover, develop and encourage the history, heritage and culture of the Philippines and New Zealand.
Welcome to the special kete to encourage Waikato Artists to showcase their work
Site under Construction About Zimbabwe GeographyArea: 390,580 sq. km. (150,760 sq. mi.),Cities: Capital--Harare (pronounced Ha-RAR-e), pop. 1.5 million. Other towns--Bulawayo, Chitungwiza, Mutare, Gweru, Kwekwe, Masvingo, Marondera.Terrain: Desert and savanna.Climate: Mostly
Acacia Crescent was named by the owner/subdivider of the property, E.G. Houchen.
Accessibility features of this website
Achilles Rise is a street in Hamilton, New Zealand.
Our activities include:
This road was named in 2002 by Grosvenor Park Ltd, the owner/developer.
Ada Place was named in 1998 by Chedworth Park Ltd, the owner/developer.
Adam Awad's speech includes issues and barrier faced by refugees & Migrants in New Zealand.