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Topic: World War I Centenary: 1914-2014

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Find and share information about the people from Tasman and Nelson who were involved in World War One.

    World War I Centenary: 1914-2014


Wakefield War Memorial 1922


World War I or The Great War took place from 1914-1918. Although the battlefields were on the other side of the world, the War had a devastating effect on New Zealand society. Most households had a family member serve or die in the war. Nearly one in five who served did not return.

Do you have any family photographs, letters, diaries or personal stories that relate to World War I ?  This is a place where you can share your memories or materials with others.


 Items about World War One


  WW100 Symbol

Learn more about the World War One Centenary on the New Zealand WW100 website.

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