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Last updated: 3 November 2010

Bannerman, Air Commodore Ronald Burns - Papers

Collection | Ref # 1980/257, 1983/195, 2004/179 | Held by Air Force Museum of New Zealand


Bannerman, Air Commodore Ronald Burns - Papers


Log book, diary (1917), papers and photographs of Air Commodore Ronald Burns Bannerman DFC and bar CBE (1890-1978).

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Dates covered:

Circa 1916 - Circa 1956
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Between 1955 and 1967 (age 2 to 13) I lived in East Gore. Ron Bannerman's house backed on to ours, and my older siblings also went to school with the Bannerman boys (one of which I recall was nick-named 'bomber' as he was a solid lad!).
Some time during the early to mid 1960's, while accompaning my dad to the local East Gore rubbish dump, I came across, an old leather flying helment, goggles just lying at the dump along with a heap of other old wartime stuff. This all became 'treasured items' of mine for some years, but after a shift to Dunedin in 1967, most of the gear disappeared. I know the gear belonged to Ron Bannerman as my dad told me he knew that Ron had been a pilot in the first world war.
I joined the RNZAF in 1970 and was stationed at Wigram in 1971-2, and again in 1977-78. I used to work close by the very earlist 'gatherings' for the Museum in 7 Hangar (in fact I used to take drill in 7 Hangar on a very regular basis). I some point, I think it was about 1975 when I was on a long course at Wigram, I handed in the old log bog. I don't think I still had the leather helment and googles unfortunately - can't remember. But I do distinctly recall donating the log book. Back in those early days of the museum, one did not get a receipt for such donations as I recall, but it was just good to know that the items, which we now all cherish, have been saved.

Kind regards,

Lindsay Campbell CSM
Adelaide, South Australia

Lindsay Campbell · Posted 24 December 2012

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