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Last updated: 4 December 2018

Wise Woman Archives Trust (Inc)

About Wise Woman Archives Trust (Inc)

Wise Woman Archives Trust Inc. (WWAT) is a digital repository of materials relating to maternity history in New Zealand. It was incorporated under the provisions of the Charitable Trusts Act 1957 in October 2006.

This mainly typescript and manuscript collection is approximately 40 lineal metres. Content is mainly correspondence, midwifery reports, newsletters, submissions, statistics, minutes and reports of meetings, conference reports, newspaper clippings and obstetrical casebooks.

Collections include:
* Domiciliary Midwives Society Inc. (WWAT 2000/1)
* JL Brown personal papers (WWAT 2000/2)
* Anne Sharplin, Papers relating to domiciliary midwifery and home birth (WWAT 2002/1)
* Anne Sharplin, Further papers relating to domiciliary midwifery and home birth (WWAT 2004/1)
* Sian Burgess, Papers relating to domiciliary midwifery and home birth (WWAT 2005/1)
* Sian Burgess, Further papers relating to domiciliary midwifery and home birth (WWAT 2006/1)
* Birth and Beyond (WWAT 2007/2)
* Auckland Home Birth Association (WWAT 2007/3)
* Auckland Home Birth Association (WWAT 2008/1)
* Auckland Home Birth Association (WWAT 2008/2)
* Waterbirth newspaper clippings (WWAT 2008/3)
* Auckland Home Birth Association (WWAT 2008/4)
* Sue Bogaard (WWAT 2009/1)
* Liz Brunton (WWAT 2009/2)
* Manawatu Home Birth Association (WWAT 2011/1)
* Gladys Vette, Papers relating to maternity nursing, 1929 - 1933 (WWAT 2015/1)

This collection is progressively being digitised and files are added regularly to website. Digitised material only is available.

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