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Restricted Collections or Series

As a contributor, you have the option of restricting access to information about your collections or series. You can set this for individual collections or series.

What does this do?

It means that only summary data will show about the collection or series – enough so that people will know it exists, who it belongs to and they can request access.  If you (the contributor) grant access to a person, they can see all of your restricted collections and/or series.

Who controls access?

You, the contributor, control access to your collections. People can request access via the link provided and you decide whether to grant access or not. We suggest you document your criteria and policy for considering access requests.

Can Archives New Zealand approve or decline access to my collections?

No, Archives New Zealand has no ability to do this. Access to restricted collections is entirely under the contributor’s control and is subject to their policies.

How do I approve or decline access?

  1. Log in and go to your ‘Contributor administration’ page (there’s a link on the left hand side in the grey panel).
  2. Scroll down a bit and choose the ‘Manage Friends’ option.
  3. Click the ‘manage friends’ option to see requests for access, turn off access, etc
  4. You will now see all of the requests pending a decision and also a list of those who currently have access to your restricted collections, those whose access has been deactivated (i.e. they used to have access but no longer do) and those whose requests you have declined. You can view any of these by clicking on the person’s name.
  5. Click the ‘approve’ or ‘decline’ link next to the person whose request you want to respond to. If you decline the request, you must enter a reason in the box provided. This reason is for your records only and will NOT be seen by the person who made the request. You can also record a reason for approving a request if you wish, but this is not mandatory.
  6. Once a request is approved or declined an email is sent to the person who made the request. These provide minimal information saying what the outcome of the request was and encouraging them to contact you (the contributor) if they have any questions.
  7. At any point you can log in and deactivate someone’s access. There is a link fo this that shows next to all active friends.