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About The Community Archive

The Community Archive Website Survey Progress Report 2016

A survey was conducted by Archives New Zealand to gather information from users of the Community Archive website to better inform future work. Responses to the survey question asking what actions could be identified to improve the website resulted in four key themes: promotion; data quality and description methods; keep it up-to-date; and security. Subsequently, Archives New Zealand’s work on the Community Archive has concentrated on addressing these key themes. Now we have published this progress report to let you know what we have achieved in 2015 around these key themes and also look forward to continuing progress in 2016.

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What is The Community Archive?

The Community Archive is a hub for New Zealand’s archival organisations to manage and showcase their collections. It is a free, easy to use mini archive management system supported by Archives New Zealand.

Previously known as the National Register of Archives and Manuscripts (NRAM), The Community Archive has been developed to provide many new features requested by contributors.

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Who's behind The Community Archive?

Archives New Zealand has developed The Community Archive on the foundations of the National Register of Archives and Manuscripts (NRAM). But, the people who are really behind it are the individuals, organisations and communities who publish information about their collections here for the rest of us to explore and learn more about New Zealand’s history.

You can be part of the community - add your collections, become a member or join in the discussions in the forum.

What's in the Community Archive?

There is an enormous variety of material here, including:

  • Personal and institutional records, including correspondence, diaries, oral history records, photographs and albums, minutes of meetings and other files
  • Personal identity records, including wills, birth, death and marriage certificates and registers
  • Land information, including deeds, maps
  • Diaries
  • Oral history recordings
  • Literary manuscripts and typescripts
  • Commissions
  • Immigration records, including ships' registers, log books, passenger lists
  • Financial records, for example account books

How does it work?

The Community Archive has a web-based administration module for contributors. You can use this to enter (or bulk upload) information about you, your collections or series, and items. These are then available for viewing (unless you restrict the information).

Our Guidelines and Help pages provide more information on what kinds of collections are suitable for The Community Archive, how to sign up, and how to prepare your data.


How can I join?

If you have archives you think would fit well with The Community Archive, you can register online and will soon be ready to enter your information. Check out our pages for new contributors for more information.

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We would like to thank the Alexander Turnbull Library for granting us permission to use one of their images for our 'explore' icons.

Heaphy, Charles, 1820-1881 :Mt Egmont from the southward. [September?, 1840] Reference No: C-025-008

Permission of the Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington, New Zealand, must be obtained before any re-use of these images.

Contact us

Contact The Community Archive advisor if you have any questions about the system or becoming a contributor.