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Guidelines & Help

Toolkit for Archivists

This list provides links to a number of resources, professional bodies, listservs and education sources which may be of use to Community Archivists.

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View the glossary to learn the meanings of commonly used terminology on this website.

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Contributor Guidelines

This section provides detailed information to help contributors get the most out of The Community Archive. Topics include guidelines on what to include, how to prepare data, how to log in, how to enter data into The Community Archive, and where to go for further reading and advice on archiving.

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Restricted Information

Contributors can choose to show all of the information about their collections or to the public, or restrict some of them if they wish. Restricted collections or series can only be viewed if you have been granted access by the contributor. If a collection or series is restricted, you will see some information about it in search results and when you look at a contributor's list of collections. There is also a link provided for requesting access to the collection or series. This will be considered by the contributor who owns that collection or series and they will respond to you directly.


Research Guidelines

The Community Archive offers some great features for researchers. This section includes tips and advice for researchers who want to use such features as searching by contributor, place or subject and how to add comments and tags.

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Using the System

Contributors can now create and edit their own data using the web-based Administration Area. This section provides more information on what contributors can do and how they can started.


Own Something Interesting?

Do you think you have a collection or items that may be suitable for inclusion into The Community Archive? Find out what the criteria are, what's involved, and the benefits of becoming a contributor or depositing your items with an existing contributor.

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