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Transforming How We Work – 2057 Strategy

I’m pleased to release the 2057 Archives long-term strategy.

I’d like to thank all of the organisations and individuals who took the time to provide feedback on the discussion document last year. Your feedback helped shape this strategy. I encourage you to read this strategy to get a full sense of where we are headed and what this will mean for the government information system and our diverse user community.

We’re living in a time of rapid technological, social and environmental change, so our journey will be transformational. We have three strategic focus areas:

  • Taking archives to the people is about getting government information, records and archives "out there" for users, promoting what we do and gearing up for the growth in digital and physical holdings; 
  • Upholding transparency shows our intention to support open government principles, so many of which are enabled by good information management practices; and
  • Building systems together is about shaping the processes, systems and technology that form the government information system so that effective information management is built in from the start.

While this is a long-term strategy we are already working on implementation plans. We also have a number of foundational projects planned or underway that will help us deliver our four yearly goals. 

I’m excited about what’s next for Archives. To follow our progress, I encourage you to subscribe to my regular newsletter by emailing

Marilyn Little
Chief Archivist

Monday, May 22, 2017
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