April Happenings


Don’t miss ‘The Woodmans’ a documentary about the art-world family of George and Betty Woodman and daughter Francesca. George – painter and photographer, Betty – one of the world’s great ceramists and Francesca – photographer, now with a huge cult following after her tragic suicide. I have seen out-takes of this film via an internet site. Now it is here. The documentary includes footage of Betty installing her work in a USA Embassy in China and ample opportunity to view her work in making and after installation and listen to her talking about it.

However the documentary is really about the toxic level of ambition contained in the New York art scene. There is a lot to think about here where children follow into a world already well trodden by parent’s footsteps, and then out-shine the parents in some ways.

Sky City Cinemas:

Sunday, April 10 at 11-15am

Saturday, April 16 at 12-15pm.

Monday, April 19 at 11-15am.

Two other films in the Festival worth thinking about. ‘William S. Burroughs’ will offer, one hopes, some insights into where some of the more experimental of our ceramists develop ideas and inspiration – he is certainly cited by several. The blurb states – “an extreme social satirist…whose quasi-pornographic images offer a stark, ghastly/funny photonegative image of the American body politic.”  And the film tries “to humanize an author whom it is all too easy to view as an avenging nihilist…..”

‘Art of the Steal’ is about the  Machiavellian power plays for a collection of paintings amassed by a Philadelphia physician, Albert C. Barnes and now valued at over $20 billion. The Art of the Steal is a lucid primer on the politics of the ‘public’ ownership of cultural property.  Involving the city’s ‘art’ power brokers – and their manoeuvres to assert their ‘vision’ for the collection over his; by moving it downtown and making it a major tourist destination, with all the mod cons. It’s a fraught and highly involving saga.
Uniquely, The Art of the Steal has plenty of criticism to spread around: digs at self-serving curators, monolithic non-profit endowments and even Albert C. Barnes himself – naive enough to leave his collection in the hands of a financially unstable trust.

Food for thought here for all thinking of leaving their collections for public viewing.

For information go to  http://www.worldcinemashowcase.co.nz/AucklandSchedule.html


Fancy a studio space in LaLa Land?

AMOCA opens new ceramic studios for rent. The American Museum of Ceramic Art is a large centre for ceramics located in Pomona, Los Angeles. There is a Museum there with a good collection and they run regular exhibitions of contemporary and historical work plus there is a shop for members’ sales. Now they have built studios for rent…

“These spacious studios offer ceramists with a great environment for creativity and artistic growth nurtured by a community of like-minded, talented people.  Become a part of this burgeoning community by renting a studio today!”
Rentals are between US$325-400 per month and for that you get, in addition to the studio space –

3,000 Cubic inches of FREE kiln space per month.
Standard glazes and common raw materials.
Display privileges in the Artist Sales Gallery.

340 South Garey Avenue
Pomona, California 91766




79 E. 3rd St, Corning, NY 14830  (607) 962-6042

Run by Lynne Wagner out of New York, Ceramic Arts Library has been selling out-of-print titles in the ceramic field since 1975 and has amazing sources for collections of books around and about ceramics.  You can get pretty much anything via this site and I have sourced some fabulous books I would never have known about otherwise.

Should you have any special requests, please let her know and she does her best to find the title you are looking for.  There is no finder’s fee and she will let you know in advance what the price will be, thus giving you the opportunity to decide within a 3 day period as to whether you would like to purchase the title. She offers a full refund on titles which are not as described.

Use either e-mail: Lynne@CeramicArtsLibrary.com

or via the website:  www.CeramicArtsLibrary.com

For Auction

Fabulous, French, wood-fired, terre vernisee, earthenware vessel-maker, Jean-Nicholas Gerard, has donated a piece and its shipping toward the Japanese Earthquake/Tsunami disaster relief fund. It is for international internet reverse auction.

For images and information


There is also American support towards this cause through their big organisation, NCECA and many American offerings can also be found via the site or via NCECA.

April Symposium

INTONATION : International Symposium, talkfest and exhibitions. Deidesheim, Germany.

Mainly European artists as guest exhibitors/demonstrators. Advertising is in German mainly so google-translate will get you more info if you’ll be around mid-April.


Of Interest

Go to the website for this year’s DesignBoom exhibition.  Featuring Asia, and Taiwan in particular the site shows some domestic ceramics that are intended to incorporate traditional Taiwanese media (including brick and clay) into wares for the contemporary home. Dutch designer Gijs Bakker of Droog Design went to Taiwan to assist and consult. The results are European oriented works but using media easily found in Taiwan. See particularly the Bakker designed ‘Brick Tray’ and ‘Vases’ made from recycled demolition material and the interpretations of Chinese folk tales into black clay tablewares by Hsiao-ying Lun and Jun-chug Tang. Go to…




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