What’s On in July

What’s On I

Exhibition at Quadrant Gallery, Moray Place, Dunedin.

Ceramic vessels and sculpture from Blue Black, Liz Fea and Robert Rapson. Hoping to find a reviewer for this, which should be an interesting exhibition. Go to www.quadrantgallery.co.nz

We plan at least to post some images.

What’s On II

For some contemporary ceramic sculpture currently on view in London go to www.saatchigallery.co.uk/artists/rebecca_warren

The female nude as subject for ceramic sculpture is seemingly set up for cliché. It certainly carries  a loaded history that is difficult to disentangle. Here is a fresh approach that uses elements and aspects, exaggeration and free modelling that makes the sculptures present as though still generating. Worth a look.

What’s On III

For another look-see at contemporary American, and some international ceramics and what’s on in New York right now ceramic-wise (never a particularly friendly town towards things clay) go to www.salon94.com/exhibitions/paul-clay

This is a ‘hot’ New York Gallery that absorbed some of Garth Clark’s stable when he closed. However all shows not ‘ceramic’ as a given but always ‘art’ as a given – despite the fact that ceramic features large in the programme. The current show Paul Clay (Paul Klee geddit?) is around ceramics. Look for Betty Woodman in skirts, Ron Nagle in meltingly sweet pink and our own Frances Uprichard, plus a wild Frenchman called Raphael de Villiers who was – with me- a part of the panel for the European Ceramic Symposium of 2010 and whose work is gaining much attention in Europe at present. Someone with the power should look at getting him down here. France was, of course, where studio ceramics began and we really don’t hear enough about what happens there.


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  1. Pleased you found the saatchi gallery link interesting and useful – raewyn

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