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Manurewa Potters Locate an Instructor of their Weekend School

This new feature is working a treat for Manurewa Potters. 

As there were no travelling potters taking workshops this year, we were on the lookout for ideas for someone to give our members inspiration and continued learning.  

Aha a new feature appears on the NZSP site – Instructors, how convenient!  There were only three Tutors available initially and Kelvin Bradford was within travelling distance to our studio at Manurewa. Checked out his details and went to his website to find out more about him. 

Kelvin’s work showed strong, robust, masculine yet beautifully crafted pottery, with a definite Japanese influence.  Kelvin stated that he specializes in cutting/tearing techniques and that he is an expert on Japanese ceramics and exhibits in Japan.  How interesting and intriguing! 

Armed with all of the details, it was discussed at our meeting and nobody had ever heard of him! Until one member piped up and said “Oh yes!  I have some of his work - he makes fabulous pottery and what a character he is.”  So it was decided to have him come and do a presentation/demonstration of his work.

Kelvin came bearing some fine examples of pottery – and his laptop which he used to show more of his work on DVD’s.  He spoke our language as he took us on his pottery journey, which included some Japanese pottery artists, whose work was breathtakingly beautiful. 

Kelvin commented that he hadn’t had many exhibitions here in New Zealand, as he takes his work to Japan every year and had done so for many years.  So that explained why he was almost unknown to our group. 

He had us all spellbound and took time to answer any questions that surfaced.  He completed his time with us by showing his cutting and tearing techniques on very thick pots he threw on the wheel …… he made it look so easy, using confident sweeping strokes with a piece of nylon line to remove clay as the wheel slowly rotated and the pot was transformed into a distinctive Kelvin Bradford piece.  WOW!

Needless to say that at our next meeting, there was a unanimous decision made to have him back to do a workshop with us, which is happening on the 18th August, when Kelvin returns from Japan, where he is currently exhibiting.

Photos courtesy of Colleen Rhodes and Mary Burr.

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