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Ceramics NZ - Instructors
Looking for an instructor?

Are you looking for a teacher or tutor for a weekend school or night classes? Perhaps all you need is someone to spend an hour sharing their expertise or experiences.

You will find a list of members in the dropdown menu on the right. Click on a name to see what the person is offering.

Use the menu below to locate an instructor.
Manurewa Potters find and instructor of their liking .....

"This new feature is working a treat for Manurewa Potters. 

As there were no travelling potters taking workshops this year, we were on the lookout for ideas for someone to give our members inspiration and continued learning.  

Aha a new feature appears on the CANZ site – Instructors, how convenient!  There were only three Tutors available initially and Kelvin Bradford was within travelling distance to our studio at Manurewa. Checked out his details and went to his website to find out more about him."

Click here to read more about Manurewa's experience

Finding an Instructor

There are 47 pottery clubs at present affilliated as members to Ceramics NZ. Throughout the year many of these clubs are looking for suitable teachers to take weekend schools or night classes.

You might find a suitable person in the list of registered instructors in the menu above.

Registering as an Instructor

If you are a full member of Ceramics NZ and have a potters page you can offer your services as an instructor..

To register as an instructor you will need to log in to the members only area. If you already have a potters page then there will be an "Instructors" registration link on your members only page.

Important - Disclaimer will not evaluate the information provided by members who register instructors.

Ceramics NZ does not recommend or endorse a member listed as an instructor and will not be responsible for the quality of services or any other factors associated with the employment of an "Instructor" listed on this website.

Contact and employment details are the responsibility of the individual or club that engages the "Instructor".

Ceramics Association of New Zealand

Registered as an incorporated society in 1965 by an enthusiastic group of potters in Wellington, New Zealand, Ceramics NZ has grown to become a significant international voice in New Zealand ceramics. The affiliation of about three dozen independent pottery clubs throughout New Zealand together with a number of corporate businesses greatly increases its effective membership. We are a national, not-for-profit organisation representing the interests of practising potters and ceramicists, students of ceramics and all those interested in New Zealand ceramics. We actively support and promote quality, and we encourage and support specialist ceramics education nationally.
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