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  • 1944: Born Auckland, New Zealand
  • 1967 - 73: Travelled the world, working in freezing works, factories, building sites, boat building, prospecting for gold, cleaned silver at Buckingham Palace, drove a London cab.
  • 1973: Settled down, produced 3 children with wife Ro. Started professional potting at Warkworth in the NZ countryside firing a diesel kiln, reduced stoneware domestic pots.
  • 1975: Started a retail co-operative with 14 others the 'Albany Village Pottery'.
  • 1979: Moved to Auckland city (Mt Eden). Started a retail/workshop co-operative operative 'The Potters' Arms' with 2 friends. Lasted 9 years, became a cultural, social and political meeting place. Started exploring the 'super-realistic' style of ceramic sculpture after a seminal visit by Richard Shaw (from San Francisco) in 1981, and a visit to USA in 1984. This particular style of sculpture, using moulds and casting slip, avoids the elemental approach to clay, instead preferring to deny the very 'clayness' of the work. It is a contrary, illusionary approach, which I find enjoyable, humorous, satirical (about clay usually), and technically exacting.
  • 1988: Bought a house nearby and worked from home for 8 years, selling at Albany, making sculpture and functional ware.
  • 1997: Became the Director of the Auckland Studio Potters' Teaching Centre. This position involves running several classes each week, building and firing kilns, organising seminars, lectures, workshops. We have 10 kilns ranging from raku to anagama, 16 wheels, a new large workshop and many people passing through each week. I have finally moved into an area of clay that for years I avoided - wood-firing, salt-firing and playing with the elemental aspects of the process: evidence of the clay, flame, human touch, decoration by fire. Current work - salt-glazed porcelain, bricks.
  • 2000: Worked in Italy salt-firing.
  • 2002: Built a 2 tonne, 6 metre long Brick Boat that floated in the harbour at Auckland. Built a 600kg brick sculpture of a woven basket.


Richard Shaw: USA - slipcast sculpture
Torbjorn Kvasbo (Norway) - wood, salt firings


1981 – 1997: Exhibited annually (except for 1992) in the International Fletcher Challenge Ceramics Award.
1984: Merit Award winner Fletcher Challenge International Award.
1984: NZ Arts Council grant
1984: Selected for the 'Clayazart' exhibition in Arizona USA.
1985: Major Exhibition RKS Fine Art Gallery Auckland.
1986: Merit Award winner Fletcher Challenge International Award.
1995: Artist In Residence, Christchurch Polytechnic
1995: NZ Arts Council Grant
1996: Solo Exhibition McDougall Gallery, Christchurch City Art Gallery.
1996: Selector for the New Zealand Society of Potters Exhibition
1997: Taught at the International Arts Centre of Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
1998: Worked for 5 weeks in PRChina for the Henan Province Exhibition
2000: Italy, Taiwan.
2002: Launched the world’s first Brick Boat.
2002: Aomori Wood-fire festival, Japan. Official demonstrator.
2003: Brick Basket exhibited in the 'Sculpture on the Gulf' outdoor exhibition, Waiheke. Bought for a sculpture park on Waiheke.
2003: Selected to take part in a terracotta and brick symposium in Eskisehir, Turkey during June. Built 3m high brick 'Cone'.
2004: Demonstrator at the international ceramics conference at Gulgong, Australia. Built a tunnel kiln that fired pieces from wet clay to fired works in 22 minutes and 45 seconds. Exhibited annually in numerous group and theme shows throughout New Zealand


The Beehive, Wellington
Rotorua Art Gallery
Auckland Museum
Christchurch Art Gallery
Christchurch Polytechnic
Suzhou School of Art, China
Zhengzhou Art School, China
Dubai Arts Centre


I am currently working on a series of slip-cast sculptural pieces that involve buildings and people. They reflect the inevitability of decay, particularly at times of conflict, and place figures in that environment.
Alongside this work I am constantly working on brick sculptures and teaching at the Auckland Studio Potters Centre.

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16 Carrick Place
Mt Eden
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