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Anneke Borren

Born in Eindhoven, Holland and now resident in New Zealand, AnnekeBorren contributes a European flavour to her works. Since the tender age of 12 she has passionately pursued simplicity in the form of Clay and in the latter sense, Stone Art.

She is self taught and strives for simplicity and has sought inspiration by exploring ancient cultures, where she found detail and attention to everyday objects, including utensils and rituals evaluating pieces into lasting works of arts.

Her countless travels throughout the Pacific, the America's and Europe have always been hands on. With expert Technical skills she throws clay vessels, informed by her background of Northern European Design, but crafted with her own personal signature. Anneke has taken a sculptured approach, where groups of vessels are designed as a sculptural unit with the spaces in between being as important as the forms themselves.

The purity of her glazes all the play of light and fall of shadow to enhance their architecture. Within the warmth and the touch clay sings to her and for her. That generic sense of touch is translated into her stone carvings, but the design principles remain the same.

The story is told - its all there in her work. Like so many on a focused journey of discovery, the further she goes, the greater she strives for simplicity.To the touch there is a special warmth - a connection with the potter herself. Her work is whimiscal, witty, sensuous and sophisticated - sensitivity in the guiding hands of a master craftswoman.

Contact Details
04 233 2047
Postal Address
Chez-Moi Ceramics Ltd
12 Kiriwai Rd
Wellington 5024
New Zealand
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