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Title Complete Crystals Workshop with renowned Australian potter, Bill Powell.
Category Workshop
Dates Tuesday January 22, 2019 - Friday January 25, 2019
Location Waikato Society of Potters, Hamilton.
Description An exciting technical course for experienced potters treating themselves to the very best four-day, intensive workshop from this international artist. See more at Bill's website:

Complete Crystals 4-Day Workshop
22-25 January 2019 at Waikato Society of Potters, Hamilton.

Find out how to use, and what to expect from, crystalline glazes.
  • Understanding the multiple variables at play
  • Specific forms and clay bodies.
  • Throwing and trimming with crystals in mind.
  • Glaze flow pedestals and catcher details for flow control and kiln safety.
  • Glaze formulas, colouring oxides and mixing methods.
  • Coloured slip formulas and their application.
  • Underglaze colouring.
  • Glaze application methods both spraying and brushing.
  • Firing cycles for Cone 10 glazes on Stoneware and Porcelain.
  • Post fire reduction and Acid etching for effect.
  • Pot finishing details, base removal, grinding and polishing.
  • Third fire lustre detailing with liquid bright gold and platinum lustres.
  • Multiple glaze management.
All attendees will receive a ten-page workshop note book outlining the methods learned and with glaze formulas and more. Bring your own pots for glazing. Photos shown are past participants' pots.

$450 ($400 members) includes firings and lunches.

For more details email: Phone: 078381950, or simply click Book Now.
Contact Susannah Salter for more information: