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Diploma in Ceramic Arts - Nelson
Craft Potters Nelson Offers Otago Polytechnic's Diploma in Ceramic Arts

Diploma in Ceramic Arts (2 years full time or 4 years part-time study
If you’re fired up for a career in pottery, the Diploma in Ceramic Arts (Levels 6) is absolutely the best way to get there. This programme is New Zealand’s only specialised programme in Ceramic Arts at tertiary level.   

This two year full-time or four year part-time course provides a unique opportunity to gain a Diploma in Ceramic Arts. 

It is offered through Otago Polytechnic as a distance course at our premises at Craft Potters in Nelson.

What will you study?

 The aim of this programme is to have you create forms and imagery that combine both practical ability and intellectual energy. 

This means a combination of project work, technical training and a good grounding in theory. 

Students will study the theoretical aspects of Ceramics via distance tuition from Otago Polytechnic.   Support is provided in areas such as Art History,  Glaze and Drawing through Otago’s on-line programme.

What can we offer?

Craft Potters Nelson is a small club outside of Richmond in a rural setting.  We have extensive facilities with electric,  gas,  wood fired,  raku and sawdust kilns and a range of necessary pottery equipment. 

Students have the option to join the club and then have access  24/7 to our facilities.  As our tutor (Alan Ballard)  is also our resident potter he is on the premises most days and therefore readily available.

For further information please contact:
Alan Ballard (Tutor),  03 544.1735


Otago Polytechnic
Rob Cloughley,  e-mail:
Free Phone 0800 762.786

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