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Ceramics Education - Auckland Studio Potters

Duncan Shearer assessing Tina Page's work 

Hi I am Brendan Adams and I have taken over managing the studio component of the Diploma course at the Auckland Studio Potters this year.  

The diploma at the ASP is going well with 9 keen students this year and the energy is high.  

The first module was with the experienced sculptor and painter Ande Barrett Hegan.  The module went well with lots of personal development and experimentation.  

The second module is with Duncan Shearer.  The focus is on production throwing and boy is he pushing them, bowls, cups, jugs... more than you would think possible for a student, but they are all responding with energy to the challenges laid out by Duncan.

Next a firing module with Renton Murray, then mould making with me.  

We had a great visit to the museum to see some of their excellent collection, also to the conservation department to be shown how they label ceramics .These techniques we are starting to use to

Mark Griffin, Carla Ruka (tutor) and Debbie Neill  - pit firing at Pakiri

catalogue and label the extensive bisque collection that is owned by the ASP. Next year is shaping up to be another good one, with tile making, sculpture wheel work and a number of studio visits on the cards.  We have 3 students graduating this year so space will be available next year, so if you have been thinking about it 2014 would be a good time to jump in.  

With glaze technology and art history covered from Dunedin Polytech, this is a flexible, challenging and fulfilling course and you really couldn't find a better one for teaching you how to make with clay.

Brendan Adams, Diploma Coordinator
Auckland Studio Potters

Phone: 09 634 3622

Ann O'Sullivan presenting at Anne Hudson module assessment

Phoenix wood/soda firing with Peter Lange

Peter Collis demonstrating
Discussing pots - Carol Stewart, Helen Perrett, Vince Kobylarz, Stuart Spackman, Merilyn Wiseman (tutor) and Tina Page

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