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Ceramics NZ - Galleries - Corporate Members of NZ Potters  
This page features galleries or retail outlets showcasing New zealand ceramics. If you would like your gallery or retail outlet listed here please email the Ceramics NZ Administrator.

The galleries listed below are corporate members of the Ceramics NZ. Use the following download for information about corporate member advertising entitlements.

Information about advertising entitlements for Corporate Members

Morris & James Matakana Ltd - (Corporate Copper)  

Morris & James Matakana Ltd is probably unique among craft potteries. It was founded in 1977, by Anthony and Sue Morris (nee James) to make decorative terracotta from the clay deposits that border the Matakana River.

The business then developed into a hybrid of craft pottery and small manufacturer, employing local people and professionals to fill various specialist roles.

Many different products were tried over the next thirty years, but the most successful were pots and wall art decorated in strongly coloured glazes. Anthony kept close control of the house style until his retirement in 2009.

Now, the 'Morris and James look' is so well established that it is self- perpetuating. A team of six senior employees now owns the company, which is run by General Manager and majority shareholder Kieran Rice.

Two of these employees have had a particularly long association with the business: senior thrower Ian Foote joined in 1989, and ceramist Mike Rose (who looks after the formulation of glazes and firing schedules) in 1985.

New designs are originated by the team of makers, glazers and hand decorators who have all learned their skills in-house, and the design process is coordinated by professional designer Nick Charlton.

09 422 7116
PO Box 77
New Zealand

Ceramics Association of New Zealand

Registered as an incorporated society in 1965 by an enthusiastic group of potters in Wellington, New Zealand, Ceramics NZ has grown to become a significant international voice in New Zealand ceramics. The affiliation of about three dozen independent pottery clubs throughout New Zealand together with a number of corporate businesses greatly increases its effective membership. We are a national, not-for-profit organisation representing the interests of practising potters and ceramicists, students of ceramics and all those interested in New Zealand ceramics. We actively support and promote quality, and we encourage and support specialist ceramics education nationally.
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