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Decommissioned websites

The websites listed on this page have been decommissioned by the Department of Internal Affairs as a part of its web optimisation programme. These websites were decommissioned for one or more of the following reasons:

  • content duplicated that of other websites in our register
  • content was out-of-date or inaccurate
  • content has been moved onto an all-of-government services website
  • a change in business model affected the ongoing maintenance of content on the website
  • there is no longer a legal or Government programme requirement for a website
  • the organisation that maintains or is represented by the website has ceased to exist 
  • website visitor access statistics were too low to justify its continuation
  • the original website has been significantly changed, updated or reinvigorated
  • the website is no longer supported.

website list:

A brief summary of the purpose, content and history of each website is provided, along with links to an archived version of the site in the National Digital Heritage Archive.