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Lake Taupō Harbourmaster


Link to Lake Taupō boat ramp e-Permit

Harbourmaster facebook link:Like us on facebook! For weekly updates latest news and information.

The Lake Taupō Navigation Safety Amendment Bylaw 2017

The Lake Taupō Navigation Safety Bylaw 2017 came into effect 12 April 2017.

Boat Ramp ePermit - our online permit purchasing solution

Purchase a 24-hour, 2 to 6 consecutive days, 2-week or 12-month permit, pay online, receive a digital image permit to your email – done! No need for printing, as long as you can produce the permit on your phone or tablet when asked prior to launching. Just click on the image at right or go to

Hardcopy permits can still be purchased from many agents around Lake Taupō. Find more information here: Lake Taupō Boat Ramps

Download our chart of Lake TaupoPDF, 1 page, 370kb

  • Rules for safe boating

    Navigation, boat speeds, using ramps, hazards, fishing, pollution, radio/VHF transmissions & more.

  • Notification of accidents

    Accidents/incidents must be reported to the Harbourmaster. A Maritime New Zealand form must also be completed.

  • Berth applications

    You need to complete an application form to go on the waiting list for a berth at Lake Taupo.

  • Fees for boating facilities

    Fees for Lake Taupo boating facilities including ramps, moorings & temporary berthings.

  • Related laws and policies

    Navigational bylaws and statutory and legal policies ensure that users of Lake Taupo are safe.

  • Honorary Enforcement Officers

    Honorary enforcement officers provide a visible presence around the Lake & represent the Harbourmaster's Office.

  • News and resources

    The annual Harbourmaster's newsletter, 'Boating on Taupo Moana', and downloadable resources.

  • Contact us

    How to reach the Harbourmaster's Office at Lake Taupo. The Harbourmaster is on call 24 hours a day.