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One of the things we often wonder, from APNK HQ in Christchurch, is what kinds of things people are using our free computing service for? What information are they discovering? What content are they creating?

Sometimes we don't have to wonder because a customer is so happy with what they've been able to do using APNK that they get in touch and tell us about it. One such customer is budding writer, Andy Hatton.

Otautau Library, Southland District
 Otautau Library, Southland District

Andy is a bit of a nomad. Originally from Waihi, the last few years have found him travelling in the Southland region, sometimes going where seasonal work is available, sometimes studying at the Southern Institute of Technology. He travels light so has no computer of his own and he loves that he can use the APNK at libraries throughout the region.

"Otautau is such a pleasant country environment and the availability of computers there is such a boon to me. The library is also the district council branch office and it's a lively and pleasant place to be."

Andy writes fiction using the computers at Invercargill City and Southland District Libraries. So far he has written a 12,000 word piece of "quasi-Gonzo journalism" and a short story which he hopes to get published.

It's not just the technology that's the drawcard but also the staff who he says are "friendly and helpful" and the libraries themselves which offer "a nice environment to work in".

In addition to writing fiction Andy also uses the APNK computers for online banking, keeping in touch with his North Island friends and family, and to network with a writers' group.

We're pleased that we're able to fill Andy's technology gap and that he's making such great use of the APNK service. If you have a similar story to share please contact us.



Wednesday, March 7, 2012

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