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Promoting 24/7 wifi

Since we offered libraries the option of extending their wifi hours last year, over a third* have taken the plunge into offering this service to their customers.

Wifi signage in South Taranaki District
Wifi street signage in South Taranaki District

A number of them are making some really great efforts to promote this within their libraries. In particular South Taranaki District Libraries have done an excellent job, taking the extra step of placing wifi stickers outside and away from the library building, highlighting the range of their library hotspots.

Nice work, guys. There are a number of park benches and shady spots under trees that we know get a good APNK wifi signal so why not let people know?

South Taranaki have also been gracious enough to share the signage they use within their libraries to let people know they've gone 24/7.

If you'd like to use this at your library, you can download it here (60 KB Word .doc). Many thanks to Cath Sheard at South Taranaki for making it available for other libraries to use.

Meanwhile, after a request from a librarian, we've made an updated wifi poster (346 KB pdf) that reflects the 24/7 nature of the service. Our original wifi poster (262 KB pdf) is still available for libraries where wifi is turned on during library hours only.

And if you don't like any of those options and want to create your own signage, then you'll find APNK logos you can use on our downloads page. Also, the official (and internationally recognised) wifi logo is in the public domain and available for download in different formats and sizes from Wikipedia.

With this many signage options to hand, promoting free APNK wifi to library users should be a cinch!

*Of the 143 APNK partner sites that have free wifi, 50 now offer 24/7 availability.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

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