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Five years of APNK in Wanganui

Last November APNK celebrated five years since the very first customer at Kawerau Library got online using our service. But of course, each library we partner with has their own anniversary and this week, yesterday to be precise, was APNK's fifth birthday in Wanganui.

Keeping Count of APNK Users

Donna Todd, Knowledge Services Leader at Wanganui District Library, keeps a regular count of the number of APNK user sessions and has provided us with some pretty cool statistics showing how the popularity of APNK has continued and grown over five years.

She gathers statistics every month using the GO-GO PC reservation system that we provide, the APNK wifi stats page, and in the smaller locations where GO-GO isn't available - by keeping a manual tally.

Over five years, Wanganui Library users have racked up 375,343 user sessions. To put that number into some perspective, the most recent population estimate for the Wanganui District is 43,200. If everyone in the area were an APNK user, they'd have had at least 8 sessions each in that time!

Below is a graph showing the number of user sessions at Wanganui libraries per month since May 2008 (the top red line is total sessions).

Wanganui usage graph, by month May 2008 - May 2013

(Click through for larger image)

Free Internet - Important to the Community

As it is, Donna says that they are always very busy with people using the free APNK service and that it's become an important part of their library.

"The APNK has had a huge impact in our community and is definitely an intrinsic aspect of our services now – as offering computers, useful software applications, free Internet access including wifi, and staff expertise must be to any library these days."

Becoming Comfortable with Technology

And their users are making the most of the service, and improving their skills.

"We still have some customers who have been coming from Day 1 – seemingly using the service most days between then and now!"

"We have had many customers transform from not having used a computer to being regular users, and we have staff who offer excellent support. And we have had many people who have used the services and gone on to own their own PCs, or mobile devices. Some return for printing or help with tricky laptop issues."

Consistently Popular

APNK PCs all in use at Wanganui Central Library
PCs all in use at Wanganui Central Library

"But every day-in, day-out the 10 PCs in our central library are very busy, filling quickly in the mornings, and staying busy all day – that’s how it’s been for the last 5 years."

"Wifi use is growing of course with May being the first month we have hit 2000 user sessions for our central library and almost 3000 in total with our Café Library included. Total user sessions for April 2013 was almost 8,500."

Many thanks to Donna Todd for providing us with her statistics and for talking to us about APNK at Wanganui District Library.

It's been a great first five years. Here's to many more!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

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