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Rural Broadband Initiative (RBI)

Bringing fibre to public libraries

In April 2012 Government announced its intention to include rural public libraries as part of its Rural Broadband Initiative to deliver high speed fibre connectivity to communities. This is a long-tem project with the roll-out taking place over several years.

RBI fibre offers a faster speed connection to libraries than what is currently available. For libraries that are part of the Aotearoa People's Network Kaharoa (APNK) a switch to fibre would mean doubling (or perhaps more) upload and download speeds.

The Government’s RBI offer will lay fibre to the boundary of library properties. Local councils have been contacted with an offer of connecting their libraries to this RBI fibre network.

APNK's role in connecting libraries

APNK’s role in connecting partner libraries to RBI fibre is to organise the changeover, liaise with service providers, and administer additional associated charges.

These costs include those incurred in laying fibre connecting the library’s internal network to the RBI fibre that is at the boundary edge of the library property. A fibre connection will also result in increased monthly network charges (though these will be offset by the connection charges that partner libraries already pay via their subscription).

For a detailed breakdown of all the costs associated with taking up the RBI offer, see the diagram below.

The RBI offer to both APNK and non-APNK libraries is contingent on the library offering Internet access to library visitors free-of-charge.

RBI libraries offer, options 1, 2 & 3

Libraries that are part of the People’s Network may wish to discuss the RBI options on the APNK Community of Practice.

Libraries that are not yet partners but wish to join the People’s Network and access RBI fibre should contact the APNK manager, Chris McClement on +64 3 339 5473 or via email at  

Libraries wishing to access RBI fibre without being a member of the People’s Network will be contacted by National Library later in the year with further information regarding this process.

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