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Aotearoa People's Network

About Us

A collaborative library service

The Aotearoa People’s Network Kaharoa (APNK) is a partnership between public libraries and The National Library of New Zealand.

Since the network began in November 2007, over 140 libraries have joined.

APNK is part of National Library and works with local government staff at public libraries to bring a free broadband Internet service to communities around the country.

Free internet and computing equipment in public libraries allows everyone to benefit from accessing, experiencing, and creating digital content.

Removing barriers to access

APNK's aim is to open up the digital world to all people and communities by removing barriers like cost and geography, giving people free access to computers and fast, reliable Internet.  

As community hubs and centres of learning and knowledge, public libraries have an important role to play in providing access to digital resources.

Scanners, audio recorders and Kete (digital repositories) allow communities to gather, digitise and store their histories and memories and to share them with others. 

Access to this technology means libraries and their staff also build their skills and knowledge of the digital world and can share this with library users. 

Shared funding

The Aotearoa People’s Network Kaharoa was initially funded by the Community Partnership Fund of the New Zealand Government’s Digital Strategy and by other Government funding through the National Library of New Zealand.

Since July 2011 the network has operated on a sustainable cost-sharing model. Local authorities contribute towards the operation of the service but with the majority of funding still provided by National Library.

What APNK provides to libraries

Based in Christchurch, the Aotearoa People’s Network Kaharoa provides the following to partner organisations:

  • Computing equipment – Including desktop PCs and a printer. Depending on the needs of the library, WiFi, hosted digital repositories, A3 scanners, or PC reservation systems may also be added. Digital audio recorders are available to partners on long term loan.
  • A managed service – People’s Network PCs receive software updates regularly and the network is diligently monitored and maintained.
  • Filtering – The People’s Network offers a filtered Internet service. Where possible objectionable material and malicious software are blocked.
  • 7 day-a-week IT support – Experienced technical support staff are available via a free phone number during library opening hours.
  • An online networking space – Membership to a Ning social network is available to all staff at People’s Network partner organisations.
  • Training – The People’s Network provides training for partner library staff to increase their familiarity with a range of digital tools likely to be used by library customers.

The APNK team also supports the Kōtui shared library system, a separate subscription service offered by National Library.

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