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Out Takes: A Reel Queer Film Festival is one of New Zealand's most established film festivals and one of very few queer cultural events that has a national profile among New Zealand's diverse queer communities.

The festival showcases films from New Zealand and around the world and plays to queer communities (encompassing the lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans*, intersex, takatāpui, and fa'afafine communities), our friends and our supporters in New Zealand’s major cities: Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.

In 2015 we do not have sufficient up front funds to present a full festival, but we will be running some fundraising screenings to help build funds for the return of a small scale festival, or two or three weekends of screenings, in 2016.

Reel Queer Incorporated

Out Takes is presented by Reel Queer Incorporated, a non-profit group run by a core committee of very experienced (but unpaid) volunteers who are drawn from our gay, lesbian and transgender communities.

Our first festival was at the Paramount in Wellington in 1995 and we expanded to Christchurch in 1997 and Auckland in 1998.

Registered charity

Donations to Reel Queer are tax deductible as we are a donee registered with Inland Revenue and a registered charity (reference CC41933).

Fundraising efforts in 2015

Reel Queer is seeking contributions from donors and sponsors to help build a future for Out Takes. Assistance can be targeted in these ways:

  • Donation (tax deductible) to Reel Queer to fund the upfront costs of fundraising screenings in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch later in 2015
  • Donation (text deductible) to Reel Queer for general purposes to build up Reel Queer's reserves for 2016 film screenings
  • In kind offers of services and goods that we can offer as prizes and raffles at our fundraising events.

Please contact us at for details of how to make donations or for enquiries.

We are working on a Give A Little profile for Out Takes.

Reel Queer's objectives

Queer films have the power to remind us of who we are, to inform and transform people both in and outside of our communities, to bring people together to celebrate queer culture and to advance the movement for equal rights. Reel Queer Incorporated's objectives are to:

  • Raise positive public awareness of queer culture and of the valuable contribution made by the queer community to New Zealand society
  • Engage the diverse members of the queer community and bring them together in a celebration of queer cinema and culture.

We also strive to exercise careful financial management and to continue to offer value-for-money advertising and sponsorship opportunities, as well as a high-quality film screening events.