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Fines & payments

  • About fines »

    Find out what fines are, how the court enforces fines and payment options. You can pay court fines online. Infringements like speeding or parking tickets become court fines if you don’t pay them on time.

  • About civil debt »

    A civil debt is when the court has made a decision about a private dispute over money or property. The court decision is an order or judgment and tells the debtor that they must pay the creditor.

  • Civil debt interest calculator »

    You can use this tool to calculate the total amount owed (including interest) on court-awarded civil judgments.

  • About reparation »

    How to receive or pay reparation. An offender pays reparation to a victim who has suffered emotional harm or had property lost or damaged as a result of crime.

  • Offender levy »

    The offender levy is a $50 levy that any person or company sentenced in the District Court or High Court pays. It funds services for victims and ensures offenders help address harm caused by crime.

  • Legal aid debt »

    Find out how to pay a legal aid debt, options to pay by automatic payment or lump sum payments, and interest charges on legal aid debt.

  • Cost Contribution Orders  »

    Find out about Cost Contribution Orders for family matters including what they are, if they're classed as legal aid debt and how to pay them.

  • Contact us »

    Contact the Ministry of Justice about fines, reparation, and civil debt.