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What happens after a trial

After a trial, jurors:

Find out the defendant’s sentence

If you want to find out what sentence the defendant gets, you can go to the sentencing hearing or you can ask the court to tell you the sentence.

The judge usually sets a date for sentencing at the end of the trial. If the judge hasn’t set a date but you want to attend the sentencing, you can contact court staff about the details later.

At the sentencing hearing, the judge will hear any victim impact statements and other information that helps them decide on a sentence.

Get counselling

Some cases can be upsetting.

Tell the court staff or email if you want to talk with a counsellor in private about your experience as a juror. The court will pay for the counselling.

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Don’t talk to anyone about what happened in the jury room

During and after the trial, don’t answer questions about how you decided on your verdict or anything else that happened in the jury room. If anyone, including the media, asks you questions, they may be breaking the law. You should tell the court staff.

During or after the trial, don’t post on social media about the trial. This includes social media sites like Facebook, Twitter or blogs. You may be breaking the law if you post on social media about the trial.

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