Serious injury & disability

How can I get what I need from ACC?

Services we supply

Let others show you

Our free DVD called 'Living After a Serious Injury' tells the stories of people and their families following a serious injury. This DVD features people talking about how they’ve rebuilt their lives and the help that ACC’s provided along the way. To order your copy of 'Living After a Serious Injury' DVD, email:

We’ve put together some short video clips featuring people talking about specific aspects of living with a disability, such as keeping fit and managing their health. Visit their stories

You can also check out the answers to questions that we get asked.

Support and services provided by third parties

We pay suppliers directly for the supports and services you need.

Most of the help you’ll receive will come from an organisation or person based in your community. Equipment and medical consumables come from supply companies that have contracts with us.

Complex services like structural changes to your home and vehicle modifications are carried out by specialist organisations contracted to ACC.

Sometimes we pay you directly.  For example, we pay you directly and then you pay a carer of your choice to provide you with attendant care

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Can’t find what you’re looking for?

If you can’t find what you’re looking for on this website, ask your Support or Service Coordinator. It’s their job to explain what’s available and help you to access the support and services you need. They can also help you with filling out any forms and arrange any assessments that are needed.