You don't need to show us any documents if you have a: 

New Zealand passport

issued after 1 January 2004

New Zealand citizenship certificate

issued after 1 January 2004

You’ll enter your passport number or citizenship certificate number when you apply to verify your identity — you won’t need to show us the original documents when you go to get your photo taken.

(You might need to show us some extra documents in certain circumstances, e.g. if you're under 14 or have ever changed your name overseas. We'll tell you about this in the email we send you.)

If you don’t have an NZ passport or NZ citizenship certificate issued after 1 January 2004

You can still verify your identity with RealMe®, though some other forms of identification will be required. We’ll email you with exactly what you’ll need to take with you, when you go to get your photo taken at the PostShop.

If you’re under 14

Your parent or legal guardian needs to sign a consent form and come with you to the PostShop when you get your photo taken.

Download the consent form

Your documents

Your documents must be originals and in English, or translated by:

  • an approved translation agency
  • the issuing government agency
  • an NZ diplomatic post, or
  • a court in the country of origin if they’re also authenticated by that country’s diplomatic post in NZ.