Most identity-checking services validate that an identity exists, but don't link that identity to the person claiming it. RealMe verifies an individual's identity against official government records, then matches that individual against their photo.

Losing customers who sign up online and never complete the ID process?

Delight Customers

Customers with a RealMe verified identity can complete the identity requirements within your signup process in one go, entirely online. No digging out identity documents, and no paperwork or queues to slow things down — just a few clicks and they’re done.

Stuck in an expensive, complex manual onboarding and identity checking process?

Reduce Costs

RealMe delivers identity information about your customer, online, instantly — so you don’t need to receive, check or store sensitive customer identity documents.

Struggling to efficiently meet AML/CFT customer due diligence or evidence of identity credential requirements?

Managing risks

Reduce compliance overheads, fraud, duplication and data-entry errors — and, because RealMe provides high confidence in a person’s identity, it meets AML/CFT and evidence of identity requirements.

Your customers verify their identity once - then it's just a few quick clicks each time they need to prove their identity online.

Use RealMe verified identity to:

  • simplify your online onboarding process - no separate identity checks or paper documents required
  • help meet your compliance and reporting requirements, including AML/CFT regulations
  • receive high confidence identity data online to initiate processes to vet new staff or perform police checks
  • increase accuracy, integrity and confidence in the customer information you're getting and using
  • help reduce the risk of identity fraud, due to greater confidence in customers' identity information

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