Our aim

The RealMe service exists to:

  • provide the easiest and most secure way for users to manage their identities online
  • be at the centre of online identity for New Zealand, in both the public and private sectors.

Find out about the government's commitment to better public services

RealMe® won the Security & Online Safety category at the 2014 Australia and New Zealand Internet Awards in Melbourne. It was the only New Zealand winner!

Where we've been

103 services across 36 organisations use RealMe as their login, and 12 organisations are now using the verified information provided by the RealMe service.

Since we launched in July 2013, you’ve created:

3.93 million



verified identities

79.2 million


More than half of you have used RealMe to log into more than one service so far. We’re pretty happy with that, but we’re not done yet! [Figures last updated 25 March 2018]  

Where we're going

Right now, just over 58% of New Zealanders’ most common transactions with government are completed online — our aim is for the RealMe service to help support getting that up to 70% by December 2017.

Next year

We’ve got more services coming on board all the time, including more verified services that’ll make it easier and easier for you to get things done online – both with government and other businesses like financial services, the tertiary sector and realty. Check out the news page for details as we have them.

And on into the future

We want to see seamless consumer, business and government interactions online. RealMe will help:

  • you through important life events — from birth, through your education, your health and finances, and into your retirement
  • businesses save time and effort identifying and onboarding their customers — securely, privately and with their customers' consent.