• New Zealanders now have an easier and faster way to get a RealMe verified identity and access a range of online services.

    When renewing your adult passport online, you can choose to apply for your RealMe verified identity at the same time. Once your passport is issued, your RealMe application will be processed within five working days.

    Renew your passport

  • If you’ve forgotten your password, use the “forgot password” link on the RealMe login page.

    You’ll need to enter your username and an email address associated with that username. Alternatively, you can click on "Reset password by TXT instead" and enter your username and associated mobile number.

    Then click the "Next prove you're really you" button. You'll be asked for your Secret PIN (if you have one) or the answers to your security questions. Note: The answers to your security questions aren’t case sensitive.

    Once you have completed the security check, you will be emailed a one-use password you can use to log in. You will then be prompted to update the password to one of your own choosing.

  • If you’ve forgotten your username, use the “forgot username” link on the RealMe login page.

    You’ll need to enter an email address associated with your username. Alternatively, you can click on "Get username by TXT instead" and enter a mobile number.

    Click the "Get my username" button and we'll send you an email or TXT.

  • The simplest way to check if your identity details are correct is to log in to “My Verified Account” and review the information listed in “Your Identity”.

    Follow these easy steps:

    ·      Go to the RealMe Homepage

    ·      Click on “Login” in the top right corner of the page

    ·      Choose “My Verified Account”

    ·      Enter your username and password

    ·      Complete the Security check by entering in the 6 digit RealMe code from your device

    ·      Check the information in the “Your Identity” section.

    If your details are incorrect call us on 0800 664 774

    If you have changed your name:

           Click on “Manage your identity”

           Select “I’ve changed my name” from the left menu

           Update your details and submit the change

    We’ll send you an email to confirm the change, or if any further information is required.

  • Learn more about RealMe services in this video.

  • Whenever you log into a service that requires a bit more security, we’ll ask you for “second-factor authentication”. This is usually a code we send to a mobile device after you’ve entered your password – either by text or through Google Authenticator. You have to enter the code to finish logging in.

    Because second-factor authentication requires both "something you know" (like your username and password) and "something you have" (like your phone or a token), it makes your account more secure.

    If you need to use a code, you’ll be told how you’ll get it when you log in. This could be:

    • by text to your registered mobile phone
    • using Google Authenticator.
    • using a RealMe token (you’ll be sent this by the organisation that you’re logging into)
  • To change any of your login details, go to the RealMe home page click "login" and select "Manage my Login". Log in and select the item you wish to change from the menu.

    Some options require you to re-enter your password and a second factor login code. This will be sent to you by text message, or be available via the Google Authenticator app if you have this option set up on your account.

    Once your mobile is registered to receive second factor codes, it can't be deleted via self-service. Please give us a call.

  • If you change your name after you've verified your identity, you’ll need to tell us:

    • your new name in full
    • the date (or approximate date) it changed
    • whether the change was registered in New Zealand or overseas.

    If you changed your name or got married overseas, or if you were born overseas and changed your name in New Zealand before 25 January 2009, we’ll need to see proof — like your marriage certificate or documents showing a statutory declaration or deed poll change.

    To change your name, go to the RealMe home page, click 'Login' and select 'my verified account'. Log in and select 'I've changed my name'.

  • If you’ve accidentally set up more than one RealMe account, you may be able to combine them so you only have one.

    To do this, go to the RealMe home page and click 'Login' and select 'Manage my Login'. Log in and from the left menu select 'Settings' and select 'Combine logins'.

    Log in with your second account and you will be stepped through which items you wish to merge and keep.

    Note: If you have used both logins for the same online service they are unable to be combined. You will see a notification on screen advising this.

  • Your verified identity is valid for five years – after that, you have to re-confirm your credentials and get a new photo taken.

    Your verified identity can be renewed from up to three months before it expires. 

    To start your renewal, go to the RealMe home page, click 'Login' and select 'My Verified Account'. Log in, complete your second factor security check and then choose ‘Renew Your Identity’. Confirm your details are correct and submit.  You will be required to get a new photo taken at a participating PostShop within 14 days.

    If you haven’t already renewed, you’ll get an email one month before your verification is due to expire. 

    If you don’t renew straight away, you can still use your RealMe username and password to login to other services that don't require a verified identity.

  • A secret PIN is a 5-digit code you can use instead of security questions to reset your password online.

    Set up a secret PIN by going to the RealMe home page, clicking 'Login' and selecting 'Manage my login'. Log in and from the menu select “add secret PIN”.

  • Google Authenticator is a mobile app for phones and tablets. If you’ve got a mobile registered with RealMe, you can link Google Authenticator to your RealMe account for extra security.

    Once you’ve set it up, you just open Google Authenticator each time you’re logging in using RealMe, and enter the code displayed in your app. The code lasts for 30 seconds.

    Tip: Google Authenticator is great if you’re overseas and can’t receive text codes.

    To set it up:

    • Go to the RealMe home page and click Login.
    • Select “Manage my Login” 
    • Enter your username and password
    • From the menu, select “add Google Authenticator”.
    • Install the Google Authenticator app on your phone and/or tablet.
    • Scan the QR code or manually enter the 16 digit secret key to associate the app with RealMe.
    • Enter the six-digit code from Google Authenticator into the box in step 3.
    • Click Continue

    To help keep your account secure, we recommend only using your Google Authenticator app for RealMe.

  • If you need a token to use a RealMe service, you’ll be sent it when you sign up. Instructions on setting it up will be included - if you have problems setting your token up, call the direct dial number on your letter or our RealMe helpdesk.


    • display a randomly generated number that changes every 60 seconds
    • last for three years – a new one will be sent to you before the old one expires
    • can be deactivated if you don’t need them anymore — give us a call to do this.

    If you’ve lost your token, call us. We’ll send out a replacement and get you an emergency code so you can log in while you’re waiting.

    If you have a token you don't need anymore, let your service administrator know or give us a call.

  • You can suspend your RealMe account anytime - just go to the RealMe home page, click 'login' and select 'Manage my Login'.  Log in and click 'Settings' and select “Suspend account”.

    You will need to confirm you wish to proceed.

    If you want to reinstate your account later, call us on 0800 664 774 (or +64 9 357 4468 from overseas). 

  • The simplest way to check if your identity details are linked to your RealMe account is to log in to “My Verified Account” and look for a Green Tick next to “Your Identity”.

    Follow these easy steps:

    ·      Go to the RealMe Homepage

    ·      Click on “Login” in the top right corner of the page

    ·      Choose “My Verified Account”

    ·      Enter your username and password

    ·      Complete the Security check by entering in the 6 digit RealMe code from your device

    ·      Look at the box to the left of the “Your Identity” section.

           If there is a:

          Green Tick – Your identity information has been verified 

          Orange Arrow – Your application is in progress

          Empty White Box – You have not yet started an application to have your identity verified 

    How to verify your identity

  • The RealMe service enables you to verify your address through the New Zealand Post Address Verification Service.  The way it works is simple:

    1. Add your home address. Simply enter the address of your main place of residence (your primary home address) online in the New Zealand Post Address Verification Service (RealMe will take you through to New Zealand Post to do this), or choose your primary address in the Address Verification Service where you have already provided that address to New Zealand Post (for example, when you registered to use New Zealand Post online services, or when you used the "Manage My Addresses" service).
    2. Confirm your home address. To confirm you really live there, New Zealand Post will physically mail a verification code to the address you selected. This will take five to seven business days to arrive.
    3. Enter your code. When your code arrives, just go to the RealMe home page, log into your RealMe verified details and enter it in the space provided.
    Please be aware that only New Zealand home addresses can be verified for use with RealMe. You cannot verify an overseas address, P O Box or Private Bag for use with RealMe.

  • Please check you have entered your address details correctly.

    If the address displayed correctly matches your address, please request a new verification letter by:

    • Go to the RealMe homepage and login
    • Under "Your Address", select "ENTER CODE"
    • Once transferred to the New Zealand Post Address Verification Service, click "REQUEST NEW CODE" button.
    Please be aware that if the original letter arrives after you've requested a new verification letter, the PIN shown on the original letter will not be valid. Please make a note of the date you requested your new verification code so you only attempt to enter the most recent code.

  • If you're having trouble logging into your New Zealand Post online account, try resetting your password. If you continue to experience problems, please contact us so we can look into the issue further.

  • To use the Address Verification Service, you need to have a RealMe account linked to an New Zealand Post online account.

    The first time you use the Address Verification Service you will need to either login to an existing New Zealand Post online account or create a new one. You will only need to do this once to link the accounts.

  • To update your verified address with RealMe, follow these steps:

    • Go to the RealMe home page and login
    • Under "Your Address" section, select "UPDATE YOUR ADDRESS"
    • Once transferred to the New Zealand Post Address Verification Service, select the "ADD YOUR HOME ADDRESS" option.
    Only your main place of residence (primary home address) can be verified for RealMe. You cannot use a P O Box, temporary accommodation address or non-residential address with RealMe.

  • If you receive an email that appears suspicious, do not click any links in the email. 

    Visit the Department of Internal Affairs Anti-Spam page for information on how to identify and report spam.

    CertNZ also provides practical guidance on how to keep your information safe and secure online.

    You can also contact our help desk by email or phone 0800 664 774 for advice or information.

  • When logging in with RealMe, if you receive a warning that states "There is a problem with this website's security certificate", you can be assured that RealMe's security certificates are always kept up to date. The issue is likely to be a browser, computer or network setting.  

    We would recommend completing an online search for your specific device, browser and operating system for a solution. 

    Common solutions include checking your network time and date settings are correct, or clearing your browser cache.