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What has the Appeal Trust funded?

Map of Canterbury with pins representing projects that received Appeal Trust fundsThe Christchurch Earthquake Appeal Trust has allocated available funds to projects and is no longer receiving requests for funding.  

See the full list of projects funded by the Appeal Trust.

The Christchurch Earthquake Appeal Trust has a specific role to play in the overall rebuild effort by funding charitable projects and complementing the efforts of other agencies already working in the community to address the adverse effects of the earthquakes in Canterbury.

As the Canterbury region moved from immediate response to long-term recovery from the earthquakes, so did the focus of the Christchurch Earthquake Appeal Trust. The Trustees changed the original portfolio allocations to reflect the development of the Trust, and to accommodate these large-scale and community-scale permanent projects.

The categories of funding are:

There are many organisations working to assist the revitalisation in Canterbury, and the Trust has an obligation to donors not to duplicate these efforts. Instead, the Trust focussed on 'filling the gaps' and funding major inititatives that have widespread benefits. The Trust focussed on community infrastructure and services - those things that make a city vibrant and worth living in.

Large PermanentCommunity PermanentEconomic RevitalisationEducation/YouthHardship/Spiritual & FaithHeritage & CultureSport & Recreation

Portfolio approach

The Trustees adopted a portfolio approach to the funding categories to ensure that the Appeal Funds were used to meet both the wishes of donors and the needs of the city.

The portfolios are:

  • Large Permanent Projects
  • Community Permanent Projects
  • Economic Revitalisation
  • Education/Youth
  • Hardship/Spiritual and Faith
  • Heritage and Culture
  • Sport and Recreation

The portfolio commitments informed Trustee decisions on proposed projects and assisted the Trust to maximise its potential to have a wide scale impact on the overall recovery.

To learn more about the projects the Trust has supported, please navigate the menus on the left-hand panel.