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Manatū Taonga | Ministry for Culture and Heritage (MCH)

Principal funder

The Ministry for Culture and Heritage (MCH) works to enrich the lives of all New Zealanders by supporting their dynamic culture and preserving their heritage.

MCH supports many of New Zealand’s arts, media, heritage, and sports organisations, and advises the government on cultural matters. It funds 19 organisations across the cultural spectrum, from NZ On Air to the Antarctic Heritage Trust. The organisations it funds deliver a wide range of cultural experiences for all to enjoy.

MCH’s work is as diverse as the sector it supports. It researches New Zealand and provides rich online resources like Te Ara — The Encyclopedia of New Zealand. It produces books, advises governments, and looks after New Zealand’s national taongataonga treasures. It tends to work behind the scenes, helping the people and organisations that contribute towards making New Zealand’s culture thrive.

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Wellington City Council

Founding partner and destination partner

Wellington City Council has supported Te Papa for 19 years. Te Papa aligns with many of the council’s strategic objectives. Our arts exhibitions and activities help to cement Wellington’s reputation as New Zealand’s arts and culture capital, contributing to a diverse economy, a creative identity, and connected communities.

The council recognises Te Papa’s role in attracting visitors to the city, working as our destination partner for inbound and outbound international touring exhibitions. Te Papa’s appeal to Wellingtonians, New Zealanders, and international visitors alike places us at the heart of Wellington’s cultural and arts scenes.

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Earthquake Commission

Founding Corporate Partner

Since Te Papa opened, the Earthquake Commission (EQC) has supported our Awesome Forces and Quake Braker exhibitions.

EQC supports the EQC schools fund, which aligns its disaster mitigation messages with specific programmes of work delivered to schools by Te Papa’s Learning Innovation Team. The fund celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2015.

The partnership supports EQC’s main objective: to help New Zealand homeowners mitigate and recover from the effects of natural disasters.

Along with GNS Science, EQC is co-sponsor of the very popular book Awesome Forces, published by Te Papa Press.

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GNS Science

Founding research partner

Te Papa’s partnership with GNS Science has been in place for over 20 years.

Alongside EQC, GNS Science is co-sponsor of Te Papa’s Awesome Forces and Quake Braker exhibitions. It also contributed expertise to the development of Bush City and Blood Earth Fire.

GNS Science provides Te Papa with valuable in-kind support in the form of staff time (see below), tacit scientific expertise, earth science information and advice, and the loan of scientific objects.

Te Papa’s founding director, Sir James Hector, was an internationally renowned geologist and explorer, and is considered the founding father of both Te Papa and GNS Science – so you could say our relationship goes back over 150 years.

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Resident scientists at Te Papa

There are two scientists from GNS Science in residence at Te Papa: Dr Hamish Campbell and Dr Karyne Rogers.

Dr Hamish Campbell

Dr Campbell is usually at the museum on Wednesdays – an arrangement that’s been in place since Te Papa opened in February 1998.

Dr Campbell was born in Christchurch and raised in Dunedin. He was educated at Otago Boys’ High School and studied geology and palaeontology at Otago, Auckland, and Cambridge universities. His particular expertise relates to the older rocks and fossils of New Zealand. When he is at GNS Science, he is involved in government-funded research projects funded by the Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment (MBIE) and the Marsden Fund. He is also involved in GNS Science public outreach projects as a science communicator.

At Te Papa, he is partly responsible for our Awesome Forces exhibition and is often called upon as a subject expert for other exhibitions. For example, he was curator of the touring exhibition Dinosaurs from China. He is also called upon for his written and oral science communication skills. He is co-editor and co-author of the book Awesome Forces – one of Te Papa Press’s most popular titles.

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Dr Karyne Rogers

Dr Rogers is usually on-site on Thursdays.

Dr Rogers was born in Hamilton and raised in Wellington. She attended Upper Hutt College and studied geochemistry at Victoria University of Wellington. Her particular expertise relates to environmental science and forensic studies.

Currently, Dr Rogers is Principle Investigator on a joint Marsden project with Te Papa – Track the Black: the whakapapa of paru. The project seeks to reconnect Māori textiles that have uncertain origin back to their place of manufacture.

Dr Rogers’ research uses isotope applications to evaluate human stressors on ecosystems. Isotopes are atoms that behave chemically like any other of the same element, but are tagged with extra neutrons that identify their source. In particular, this relates to estuarine and coastal monitoring, land use changes, and nitrate contamination in groundwater and drinking water. She is also active in developing authentication and traceability research for food and beverages, organic farming systems, and regional soil characterisation – to link human activities with the geological past.

At Te Papa, she is often called on to assist staff or answer public enquiries drawing directly on her field of expertise.

Fuji Xerox

Print partner

Fuji Xerox is a proud partner of Te Papa. To have our brand associated with New Zealand’s national museum, renowned for being bicultural, scholarly, innovative, and fun aligns closely to our company philosophy of being a strong, kind and interesting company.

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