Social housing

Social housing is provided for people who are most in need of housing for as long as they need it.

To be considered for social housing you must have a serious housing need and be able to show us that you've done everything you can to find somewhere to live.

You can bring someone with you when you come to talk with us about your housing need.

If you can't speak English you can bring someone to interpret for you. We can find someone for you, but please give us time to organise this.

Who can get social housing?

Information about applying for social housing and what to consider before applying.

Application process

After applying you may be asked to attend an assessment interview. When you apply we’ll look at how urgent your need is, as well as other housing options available to you. We’ll ask about your situation, your income and assets.

Waiting for social housing

The amount of social housing is limited. If you do qualify, you’ll need to wait for a suitable house to become available. How long you'll wait varies depending on your need and location.

Living in social housing

Find out more about living in social housing, what rent you can expect to pay, and what your responsibilities are.