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Reporting a business or person

This page explains how to report a business or person you think isn't complying with the law. This page also identifies the kinds of issues we deal with, so you know whether we may be able to help.

How to make a report

You can report a business or person to us by completing our report form, emailing, or calling us on 0800 943 600. Before you get in touch, please read the information below to ensure we are the right agency to deal with your issue.

What we do

The Commerce Commission is New Zealand's primary competition regulatory agency.

We are responsible for enforcing and promoting compliance with a number of laws that promote competition in New Zealand, including the Commerce Act, the Fair Trading Act and the Credit Contracts and Consumer Finance Act. We act in the public good to stop and prevent misleading and anti-competitive behaviour by businesses.

We also enforce a number of pieces of legislation that, through regulation, aim to provide the benefits of competition in markets where effective competition does not exist. This includes the telecommunications, dairy, electricity, gas pipelines and airport sectors.

Fair Trading Act

The Fair Trading Act is designed to protect consumers and make competition more effective. It is illegal for businesses to give false and misleading information in the promotion and sale of goods and services.

Read the Fair Trading fact sheets for more information.

Credit Contracts and Consumer Finance Act

The Credit Contracts and Consumer Finance Act provides important protection to borrowers. It helps ensure borrowers can make informed choices and know what they’re agreeing to by requiring lenders to fully disclose all terms and fees under a contract.

Read our Consumer Credit fact sheets for more information.

Commerce Act

This Act prohibits anti-competitive behaviour, such as price fixing or bid rigging, or using market power to exclude competitors from a market.

The Commission also ensures that businesses are not able to become dominant in a market through acquiring competitors, where this would create a substantial lessening of competition.

Read our Business Competition fact sheets for more information.

Dairy Industry Restructuring Act

The Commission has both enforcement and adjudication roles under the Dairy Industry Restructuring Act. The Act provides for the Commission to undertake enforcement action and requires the Commission to issue determinations to resolve disputes between Fonterra and other parties.

See our Dairy webpages for more information.

Telecommunications Act

The Telecommunications Act regulates the supply of telecommunications services in New Zealand. It requires the Commission to make determinations in respect of designated access and specified services and to undertake costing and monitoring activities.

See our Telecommunications webpages for more information.

Who else can help

The Commerce Commission is not a complaint handling body. This means that we do not investigate every report made to us. We must prioritise what we investigate to ensure that we are using our resources efficiently. 

We are grateful for information from the public. Reports about businesses or individuals help us understand what issues cause the most harm to New Zealand consumers and where best to direct our resources. 

All reports to the Commission are recorded and assessed. Once we make an assessment we then decide whether to take further action.

Sometimes following an investigation we are able to achieve financial redress for affected consumers, however we are not a dispute resolution service. You may need to take your own action if you want your individual issue to be resolved, such as getting your money back.

For these reasons, and in order to make best use of our limited resources, the Commission usually does not enter into correspondence about its decisions as to whether we intend to take further action or not. However we may contact you if we require further information.

Some of the reports we receive are about concerns outside the scope of our responsibilities, such as faulty goods and services, retail prices and advertising standards. Find out who else can help.

From 1 April 2014 the Financial Markets Authority (FMA) replaced the Commerce Commission as the primary regulator of conduct in relation to financial products and services (excluding credit contracts).

For concerns about misleading or deceptive conduct in relation to financial products or services (that occurred after 1 April 2014) please contact the FMA. For concerns relating to financial products and services conduct prior to 1 April, you can contact either the Commerce Commission or the FMA.

Other organisations that may be able to help you include:

While your concerns are important to us and may help us stop illegal behaviour and prevent it from happening again, we don’t give legal advice to individuals. You may be able to obtain free legal advice from a community law centre.

Making a complaint about the Commerce Commission

Please use the report form to register your complaint. In the business field please enter "Commerce Commission". If you do not know the location of the Commission office to which your complaint refers, please put "Wellington" in the location field.

Please refer to the Complaints Policy for details on how we handle complaints about us.

Requesting confidentiality

You may feel that informing the Commission about possible wrong doing might put your position at risk (for example you may be an employee or trading partner of the person or organisation you want to report).

We value information from confidential informants and have a policy of protecting people's identity when requested.

If you are concerned about the need to protect your identity, please raise it with us when you make your report.

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