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Case studies

Open data enables the development of new tools and services, and new knowledge. It drives economic development and better social and environmental outcomes. It informs decision making, enables government transparency and promotes democracy. 

Here you can read inspiring New Zealand stories about innovative projects that use open data. You can also hear about the challenges, successes and benefits of initiatives to publish open data. 

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Open data use

Craft Beer Industry Insights

The ANZ Bank uses open data to create craft beer industry insight reports that inform investment, enable evidence-based business decision making and foster consumer loyalty.

Affordability in NZ

This open source web application uses open government data and a mapping interface to enable people to find out which suburbs will be most affordable for them.


This web tool and app helps hunters and adventurers in New Zealand plan their trips and increases safety.

An online property tool that gives homeowners an easy and free way to search for property data.


An app that aims to make workplaces safer by showing nearby dangers, so employees can be prepared and keep themselves safe.


Open data publishing

NZ Tides Prediction Data

LINZ releases tide prediction data that is used by a wide range of third-party apps, websites and publications - improving safety for boaties and other recreational users, and providing information for local authority and government emergency management planning. 

Local Councils website

This high-use website presents data from all 78 local authorities in New Zealand in a consistent format that enables it to be compared and analysed.

Charities Register

All data in the Register can be searched and downloaded, facilitating research and policy making, and promoting public trust and confidence in the sector.

New Zealand Legislation website

With over 250,000 visitors per month, this important website provides free access to Acts, Bills and more.