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Your RealMe login is the one username and password you need to access a wide range of services across different government agencies.

  • Use it to protect your possessions by logging them onto the police website SNAP. The SNAP website allows you to enter and maintain details of all of your important possessions or assets. You can then access this asset list from anywhere, anytime. If your items are stolen, you can instantly retrieve your asset list details, and forward these on to the Police and your insurance company.  
  • Apply for thousands of jobs within government at, using your login as an easy way to keep track of progress.
  • Pay your rates, dog registrations and fines with the Auckland, Hamilton or Rotorua City Council sites.

A RealMe verified account is even more useful. Imagine being able to switch banks from your couch, without needing to provide any documents or go into a branch. Well, now you can!

People who have verified their identity through the government’s new online RealMe service can use it to join TSB Bank from their iPhone app. TSB Bank and BNZ Bank are the first of many private and public sector organisations expected to take up the RealMe verified account, which allows customers to complete tasks online that would otherwise require them to go into an office to prove their identity. 

The GCIO, Colin MacDonald, says RealMe is a great example of a service designed to meet the needs of government that is also useful in the private sector.

“RealMe lets New Zealanders easily and securely prove their identity online, plus access a number of online services with a single username and password. People can use their RealMe login to apply for a Student Loan or New Zealand superannuation, as well as file company returns, and conduct some business with local government.

“Soon, people will be able to use RealMe to get onto the electoral roll for the first time.”

Mr MacDonald says RealMe is core to the public service transformation work he is guiding in his role as ICT Functional Leader, and fundamental to achieving Better Public Services Result 10 - allowing New Zealanders to complete their transactions with government easily in a digital environment. 

“Customers expect service delivery from the government that is increasingly digital, responsive and personalised.”

The RealMe services were developed in partnership by the Department of Internal Affairs and New Zealand Post. More information is available at

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