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Action 2: Usability

Make the transactions in the Result 10 ‘basket’ more user-friendly

The Digital Transformation team is working with agencies on Result 10 - making New Zealanders’ transactions with government easier in a digital environment.  Action 2 is one of the ten Actions in the Result 10 Blueprint (PDF 5.9 MB).

Action 2 is about making dealings with government more user-friendly for New Zealanders, starting with a group of common transactions called the Result 10 ‘basket’. 

Improving usability supports us to increase the use of these services in digital channels.

Tools to help us work differently

Capability development

We’ve been working with agencies to build usability awareness, knowledge and skills.  We’ve developed a draft Usability Handbook for government - a practical guide to help us run effective user tests and strengthen our skills in this area.  Part of building our capability is being picked up by the work we’re doing in Action 10: Strengthen digital service design and delivery capabilities.

Common processes

Many agencies are already familiar with usability best practice.  Action 6: Identify and adopt digital service standards is looking at usability standards for government. 

Usability examples

  • Ministry of Social Development (MSD) – has a strong focus on designing user-friendly digital services as part of their Simplification project.
  • NZ Customs is testing the usability of possible improvements to SmartGate.
  • New Zealand Transport Authority (NZTA) - is improving the usability of their Road User Charges and Toll Roads transactions. So far they’ve had expert user experience reviews, several rounds of customer testing and customer-led process design.
  • New Zealand Police have been doing some usability work to improve their fine payment service.

Working together on this action

All of the Result 10 agencies on the Digital Service Council are working on making services more user-friendly.  In October 2014 this group decided that we don’t need a separate piece of work for Action 2 anymore.  The goal of making services more user-friendly is being tackled through the work we’re doing on other Actions.

Related information

The UK government has created their own lab for doing user research.  See the Gov.UK blog article - Our GDS user research lab is 6 months old.  


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