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Action 9: Remove legislative barriers

Remove legislative barriers

The Digital Transformation team is working with agencies on Result 10 - making New Zealanders’ transactions with government easier in a digital environment.  Action 9 is one of the ten Actions in the Result 10 Blueprint (PDF 5.9 MB).

Action 9 is about removing policy and legislative barriers that make it difficult for government to offer online services to customers. 

Tools to help us work differently

Barrier-breaking legislation

We’re working on a bill – Removing Barriers to Digital Interactions Legislation.  Cabinet will consider including the bill on this year’s legislative programme shortly and it’s expected to go to Ministers in the second half of 2015. The bill will focus on legislative barriers that stop us putting services online, which we think we can remove quickly and easily. 

e.g. Legislation states a transaction must be completed in person, when it could be done more quickly and efficiently online.

The legislative changes will be mainly minor, technical changes and non-controversial. The changes will support:

  • digital, online service options, and
  • quicker, more efficient customer services.

Future work to ensure legislation supports integrated digital services

In the longer-term, we’ll look at what policy and legislative changes are needed to support fully integrated digital services across government. 

e.g. Does legislation allow individuals to let one agency share their personal information with other agencies, to avoid the need for customers to tell multiple agencies the same thing?  Does legislation support information re-use to enable agencies to deliver joined-up services, and ensure customers don’t miss out?

In 2015 we’ll be working with agencies and Result 9 to identify the best way to tackle these types of issues.

Working together on this Action

All of the Result 10 agencies are committed to Action 9.  We’re also working with Better Public Services Result 9. 

In June 2014 many agencies noted in their alignment plans the work they’re doing to remove legislative barriers.  Several have their own work programmes underway.

Next steps

Action 9 will work with State Sector agencies to identify suitable amendments for the bill. We’ll seek Cabinet approval in the second half of 2015.

Page last updated: 14/12/2015