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Action 7: Contact centre capability

Evolve contact centre capability to promote and complement digital service delivery

The Digital Transformation team is working with agencies on Result 10 - making New Zealanders’ transactions with government easier in a digital environment.  Action 7 is one of the ten Actions in the Result 10 Blueprint (PDF 5.9 MB).

Action 7 is about making the best use of our contact centres to support how we deliver services.  Action 7 links to Action 6 in the ICT Strategy and Action Plan - consolidating non-digital channels.

We’ve set up a cross-agency programme of work called Contact Centre Optimisation.  This supports Action 7 but is wider than digital service delivery. 

We’re looking at contact centre systems and how we can use tools like analytics and click-to-chat functionality to improve services across all channels for all customers.  We’re also exploring how contact centres can support government to deliver more integrated services, e.g. supporting customers around life events that involve several agencies, like the birth of a child. 

We know that having the right technology supports better service delivery.   We’re exploring how agencies can benefit from having the right technology in place to meet customers’ expectations.   

Tools to help us work differently

Programme business case

We’ve developed a business case that explains:

  • the case for change and how this fits with government’s strategic priorities
  • the current and future state
  • the vision for contact centres
  • the high-level road map of proposed initiatives
  • the role of the Contact Centre Optimisation programme.

Working together on this action

Most of the Result 10 agencies are working together on this action, along with several other agencies.  The Digital Service Council governs the work we’re doing and we have a multi-agency steering group to give us direction and endorse our activities.

Next steps

Action 7 is continuing to work on:

  • understanding how digital technology like voice biometrics – identifying customers based on their voice - can make it easier for people to access services or get the information they need in a secure way
  • using the contact centre information we already have on how customers feel about the channels and services they’re using, to help us improve services in the future
  • how tools like click-to-chat can support customers to stay online.
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