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Action 3: More digital transactions

Provide more transactions in the digital environment

The Digital Transformation team is working with agencies on Result 10 - making New Zealanders’ transactions with government easier in a digital environment.  Action 3 is one of the ten Actions in the Result 10 Blueprint (PDF 5.9 MB).

Action 3 is about making more government services available digitally for our customers.  We’re focused on getting the most common, simplest services onto digital channels first.

We’re interested in the ‘end-to-end’ view of services – looking at the customers’ journey from the beginning of the service to completing the service.  
Making more services available digitally, helps to increase the uptake of digital transactions which is part of our Result 10 goal.

Tools to help us work differently

Alignment plans

Some agencies used their alignment plans in June 2014 to identify transactions that were a good fit to be made available in digital channels.

  • Crime reporting online (NZ Police)
  • Birth registrations (DIA)
  • Online reporting of lost and stolen passports (NZ Police with DIA and Immigration New Zealand - MBIE).

Four-year plans

In the 2015 four-year plan guidance, released in August 2014, the Government Chief Information Officer (GCIO) asks agencies to show how they’re aligning to the Result 10 Blueprint.  As part of this, the GCIO asks agencies to show how they’re planning to provide more digital services.

Working together on this action

At the moment agencies are working independently on this action.  Many are already working to a plan to provide more services in the digital environment. For this reason, Action 3 has not been given the same level of attention as the other Actions in the Result 10 Blueprint. The purpose of Action 3 is still relevant, but the timing of when to make a transaction available in the digital environment needs to fit with our strategic priorities. e.g. other Result 10 Actions and agencies’ own transformation programmes.

Next steps

In 2015 we’ll be creating a database of transactions (digital and non-digital) and identifying links to other work within the digital transformation team.  e.g. integrated service delivery and RealMe.


Page last updated: 05/02/2015