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Action 6: Digital service standards

Identify and adopt digital service standards

The Digital Transformation team is working with agencies on Result 10 - making New Zealanders’ transactions with government easier in a digital environment.  Action 6 is one of the ten Actions in the Result 10 Blueprint (PDF 5.9 MB).

We need to be delivering high quality digital services.  Our services need to provide a consistent experience for customers, regardless of which service or agency they’re dealing with.

Action 6 is about identifying standards for how we deliver digital services.  Common standards will also help us develop services in smarter ways, reusing ideas to speed things up and making sure services integrate well with each other.

Tools to help us work differently

The digital service standards

We’ve looked at the standards already being used in government, both in New Zealand and overseas and have identified areas where we might need new standards or best practice guidelines.  We’ve also created a plan for how to finalise and start using them. 

We see the standards or guidelines being most useful for these groups:

Leaders Helps governance boards, Chief Information Officers (CIOs) and decision makers to ask the right questions of their projects, and allocate resources to make sure these standards are met.
Managers Helps managers coordinate and schedule the right tasks, with the right people and measure the outcomes.
Practitioners Know what’s expected of them, how the standards apply to their role and how to meet them.

Working together on this action

All of the Result 10 agencies are working together with Action 06.

Next steps

We’ll work with the agencies and Result 10 service design and usability working groups to fill any gaps in the ‘alpha’ version of the standards.  Based on their content, we’ll also need to determine whether they are standards or best practice guidelines for digital services, as they contain a mixture of mandatory requirements and recommended guidelines. 

We’ll also work with Action 5’s Federated Service Delivery programme and the Government Chief Information Officer (GCIO) to identify any interoperability standards needed to integrate services across government.

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