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Open Government Information and Data Programme engagement with:

Civil Society

2 December 2016 #WellyTech 2016
3 November 2016 Open Data Boardgame Meetup (Auckland) (Read more ...)
7 October 2016 Launch of 'The Potential of Open Data' video (watch)
7 October 2016 International Open Data Conference presentation (Madrid) (Read more ...)
29 September 2016 Open Data Boardgame Meetup (Wellington) (Read more ...)
22 September 2016 Open Data Charter Workshop (Auckland) (Read more ...)
21 September 2016 Open Data Charter Workshop (Wellington) (Read more ...)
15 September 2016 Open Data Charter Teleconference (Read more ...)
1-30 September 2016 Open Data Charter Public Consultation (Loomio) (Read more ...)
26 August 2016 Open Government Partnership Co-Creation Workshop (read more)
15-31 August 2016 Open Data Charter Public Consultation ( (Read more ...)
29-31 July 2016 GovHack - volunteer mentor and "Data Frustration Desk" (Read more...)
18 July 2016 Nerd Nite Wellington presentation (view slides)
13 July 2016 ITx Conference - NZGOAL Software Extension - Open Sourcing the open source policy (view slides)
6 July 2016 Open Data Game Meetup (#opendatagame)
22 June 2016 Met with the Taranaki Chamber of Commerce and Venture Taranaki
2 June 2016 School of Government, Victoria University of Wellington presentation (view slides)
June 2016 Top 10 Datasets Public Survey (Read more...)
4 May 2016 Open Data Showcase at Parliament (Videos on our Open Data NZ Youtube channel)
28 April 2016 NZ Computer Science Research Student Conference (view presentation slides)
27 April 2016 Results 9 Teams at Creative HQ (view presentation slides)
April 2016 NZGOAL Software Extension - Public Consultation (join the robust conversation)
11 March 2016 An insight into the Open Data Institute: a conversation with Richard Stirling (via Google Hangout) (watch now)
5 March 2016 A conversation with Beth Noveck (via Google Hangout) (watch now)
26 February 2016 Live Streaming of the Open Data Leadership Series: Joel Gurin at BizDojo Wellington (watch now)
26 February 2016 A conversation about Open Data with Joel Gurin (via Google Hangout) (watch now)
15 February 2015 A conversation about open data workshop (read more)
9 December 2015 Meeting with Business Hawke's Bay
12 November 2015 Alvaro Maz, Code for Australia: Rebuilding Citizenship in the 21st Century (view presentation)
 30 October 2015 Christchurch Employers' Chamber of Commerce (view presentation slides)
 29 October 2015 Otago University (view presentation slides)
27 October 2015  Open Data Spring Series: How can local government deliver better services with open data (Read more)
16 October 2015  Open Data Spring Series: Why/How/When is open data good for business? (Read more)
1 October 2015  Open Data Spring Series: How Open Data is changing the game everywhere (Read more)
8 September 2015  Inner City Association meeting (in collaboration with Wellington City Council)
10 July 2015 NetHui 2015: Open Data Expedition - Women Online (read more)
3-5 July 2015 GovHack 2015 (read blog or watch video)
May-June 2015 Helped on organising committee for GovHack 2015 in Wellington
16-17 April 2015 Open Source // Open Society Conference - workshops and keynote Presentation by Keitha Booth
24 March 2015 Community and Voluntary Sector Research Forum (view presentation slides)
26 February 2015 Affiliated Industries Group (view presentation slides)
19 February 2015 Community Development Conference 2015: Open Data supporting democratic participation (view presentation slides)
9 February 2015 Transparency International Workshop (view presentation slides)
4 February 2015 Meeting with Community Networks Aotearoa

To stay up-to-date with our future events, join our Open Data NZ Meetup Group or email us at with SUBSCRIBE in the Subject Line.


Local and Central Government

The Programme has ongoing relationships with executive level Data Champions in public service agencies, and is establishing relationships amongst wider government, especially Crown Research Institutes and Local Government agencies.

The Programme has also actively participated in and guarded the principles of open government data and information in cross-government initiatives such as the Integrated Data Infrastructure (IDI), Social Sector Data Integration and Analytics, Open Government Partnership, Government's Strategic Information programme, the ICT Strategy, and the Government's response to the New Zealand Data Futures Forum Report.

22 November 2016 ALGIM Annual Conference (Auckland)
3 November 2016 NZTA/Auckland Transport - Open Data Day (Auckland)
21 September 2016 Open Data Charter Workshop for Government Data Champions
6 September 2016 NZGOAL - Software Extension workshop (read more)
25 July 2016 ALGIM Information Management & Records Symposium (Wellington)
19 July 2016 Workshop with Local Government Data Champions (Manawatu-Whanganui region)
7 July 2016 NZ Transport Agency - Internal Open Data Day
23 June 2016 Workshop with Local Government Data Champions (Taranaki region)
May 2016 ALGIM Network magazine (Read article online)
15 April 2016 Regional GIS Forum (Palmerston North) - view presentation slides
12 April 2016 Interview with Jen Church, ALGIM Network magazine - read article
12 April 2016 ALGIM GIS Symposium (Auckland) - view presentation slides
3 February 2016 Open Data & Information Planning workshop for Government Data Champions 
9 December 2015 Workshop with Local Government Data Champions - Hawkes' Bay Region
November/December 2015 Partnered with ALGIM to bring Laura Manley to NZ for workshops on demand driven approach to opening up data (read about in the ALGIM Newsletter)
28 October 2015 Information Management Conference (hosted by Environment Southland) - view presentation slides
19 October 2015 Public Health Organisations' CIO Forum (view presentation slides)
22 September 2015 Careers NZ - NZGOAL and Creative Commons
26 June 2015 

eResearch 2020: National Research Data Workshop

19 June 2015 GOVIS 2015 Conference: Building Trust Through Transparency and Open Data (view slides and presentation notes)
2 June 2015 NZ Government Open Access & Licensing framework training  - central government
30 April 2015 NZ Government Information Group (view presentation slides)
23 April 2015 NZ Government Open Access & Licensing framework training  - Auckland City Council
21 April 2015 NZ Government Open Access & Licensing framework training  - central government
March-April 2015 Galleries, Libraries, Archives & Museums (GLAM) Road show about NZGOAL and Creative Commons  - view video of presentation 
12 March 2015 LGNZ Rural and Provincial Authority CEOs
13 February 2015 Local Government Geospatial Alliance


International Engagement

The Programme maintains ongoing relationships with a range of international organisations; government officials in other open government programmes; and open data champions in civil society.

27-29 October 2015 Open Government Partnership Summit 2015, Mexico - (speech at summit by Minister Louise Upston)
9-10 September 2015 OECD Asian Public Governance Forum on Public Innovation, Hanoi (invited by theOECD) View slides
4 August 2015 Centre for Public Impact, Boston Consulting, London: Innovation from opening up data (view presentation slides)
31 July - 4 August 2015 Open Data Leadership Network (invited by the Open Data Institute, London) watch video
Early May 2015 Contributed to the APEC Reference for Open Data and Fiscal Transparency (read here)
26-29 May 2015 Open Data Leaders’ Summit, Open Government Partnership International Data Charter Stewards’ meeting, and the 3rd International Open Data conference, Ottawa
22-23 April 2015 OECD Expert Group Meeting - Open Government Data, Paris (by video link overnight)
10-12 March 2015 Locate15 Conference, Brisbane
4-6 February 2015 ODAsia 2020 Regional Open Data Agenda Workshop, Jakarta
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